Mykelti Padron Says ‘Sister Wives’ Scenes Are ‘Blown Up’, Janelle Chimes In

Viewers always wonder if reality television shows are scripted. Sister Wives, which premiered in 2010, is no exception. While the wives try to say the show is pretty legit, it is one of the children who has since disputed this claim. Both Mykelti (Brown) Padron and his second wife, Janelle discussed how real the series is.

Sister Wives– Just For Show?

A lot has happened in the past fifteen seasons. A new wife was brought in, two kids were born, three weddings, four engagements, a few grandchildren, and three moves. Additionally, there were a lot of ups and downs. Having four wives to contend with can be difficult especially when they all do not see eye to eye. Example: when Kody wanted to move to Flagstaff and there were two pieces of land to choose from. Two of the wives liked one piece while the other two liked Coyote Pass. In the end, Coyote Pass won.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube


Kody can also be quite hardheaded. He is seen erupting at his wives when he does not get his way, it often has to be his way. Behind their backs, he enlisted a designer to draw up the plans for a single home. None of the wives wanted to live like that again but he did not care. During COVID, which is still playing out in the current season, Kody created his own rules. Janelle felt she should abide by the CDC’s guidelines but that was not enough for him.

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In an article from Life & Style,  Mykelti and Janelle both have been quoted making comments about the authenticity of the show. One could question if the conversations Kody has with each wife are staged. He admits he has no romantic interest in his first wife, Meri yet he still engages with her. Their interactions can seem forced. Even when the wives used to get together for lunches or to chat, it could feel uncomfortable. However, this is what viewers want to see. Drama and awkward moments bring ratings. So, is the show real or scripted? Mykelti and Janelle answer the question.

Real or Fake?

In March of 2020,  Janelle made it clear the show was genuine in a tweet. She claimed the family often forgets the cameras are not even around. This was prior to the pandemic starting when the Browns had to start using iPhones to record themselves. A short time later, Christine’s daughter Mykelti Padron agreed with Janelle on the realness of the series. The problems Kody has with Meri are very real. However, she did add they can be “blown up” for television.

Credit: Janelle Brown Twitter
Credit: Janelle Brown Twitter

Mykelti also went on to admit she does not truly know what goes on with her parents, including her other mothers. “Between any of the siblings, individual siblings, individual parents or whatever, we really don’t know a lot of what goes on. We know what’s between us.”

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

One thing is for certain- Mykelti’s mom, Christine cannot hide how miserable she is in Flagstaff anymore. She is desperate to return to Utah and feels betrayed by Kody for claiming he wanted to move back, too. Apparently, her separation from the family and Kody will be documented this season.

Do you think Sister Wives is real or is it exaggerated for entertainment and ratings? Let us know in the comments and watch new episodes every Sunday on TLC.



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