Mackenzie McKee Gets Call From Famous Nanny Amid Son Acting Out

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie McKee [Credit: Mackenzie McKee/Instagram]

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee needs help with her son Broncs. This comes after fans expressed concern over his behavior. Mackenzie realized that viewers are concerned about her son. She got a call from the famous nanny, Supernanny star Jo Frost. The reality star recently got backlash for her parenting on the MTV show.

Some of those viewers even reached out to Jo on social media in regards to Mackenzie and her kids. It looks like their wishes are coming true. Because the Supernanny is on her way to save the day! If Mackenzie accepts her offer, Jo will spend time in her home to observe the family and their son’s behavioral issues.

Mackenzie McKee didn’t know Teen Mom fans were concerned about her son

The Teen Mom OG star received criticism for her parenting this season. Viewers were in disbelief over her son’s behavior. Broncs took center stage on the MTV show. Fans were concerned over his constant acting out.

It’s not just his behavioral issues that are a concern. Broncs also struggles in school. He’s stayed back in almost every grade. Throughout the season, viewers grew concerned and contracted Supernanny Jo Frost. She reached out to the television star.

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG ‘sick’ over latest episode. [Image MTV’s Teen Mom/YouTube]
Per Monsters & Critics, Mackenzie opened up about their conversation in a TikTok video. She was not aware that the viewers were concerned about her son’s behavior. The mom of four claimed that reality TV producers will skew the editing to make her look like a bad mom. This season, the focus has been on Mackenzie and her kids.

“In the reality TV world, or being in the spotlight, you can do one little thing and it’s just magnified,” Mackenzie said. “My storyline this season is that my kids are bad, like really bad, I have no control over them. If you guys see the messages I got from concerned fans about diagnosing Broncs with everything under the moon and sun… so it’s just talked about a lot on this season.”

Mackenzie McKee Talks To Supernanny [Credit: Mackenzie McKee/TikTok]
[Credit: Mackenzie McKee/TikTok]
Mackenzie noted that the viewer’s reaction got out of control. They went far beyond diagnosing her son and reached out to the Supernanny for her. Think the British nanny is the only one who can save Mackenzie and her family. It’s likely that the viewers only had good intentions and wanted to help.

Will she accept Supernanny Jo Frost’s help?

Mackenzie McKee revealed that she got the unexpected phone call from the Supernanny. This came weeks after an infamous episode of Teen Mom OG aired. At that time, viewer concern was at an all-time high. Their calls and social media blasts got through to the professional nanny.

“After the last episode aired someone reached out to me and she’s like, ‘Hey you have some concerned fans who reached out to me, told me to reach out to you, how can I help you? Like I wanna come to your house and help you.”

Mackenzie didn’t recognize Jo’s voice. At first, she thought it was a prank. She did not reveal whether she will take the Super Nanny up on her offer. Do you think Mackenzie should work with her? Sound off below in the comments.

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