‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Drops Bombshell On Chris & Misty

1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube

Tammy Slaton drops a major bombshell on Misty and Chris during tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Misty admits while talking to the producers during a confessional that the bombshell left her feeling shocked. What shocking bombshell has she dropped on her siblings? Keep reading for all the details.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters.

Misty and Chris learn of Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend

Misty asks Chris Combs if he’s had a chance to look at Tammy Slaton’s Instagram lately. He admits he hasn’t and she tells him that he really needs to check it out. When he looks, he learns that Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend. A boyfriend she appears to have been hiding from the family. Misty reveals that there are also rumors circulating this is more than just a boyfriend. She tells Chris she’s heard their sister might actually be engaged to this man.

Misty and Chris waste no time confronting Tammy Slaton about this mystery man. They explain Amy’s absence from the confrontation. Turns out, Amy Halterman knew she would get extremely upset with her sister and the conversation would just get heated. So, they decided it was best for Amy not to be a part of the conversation.

1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube
1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube

Chris and Misty reveal that they messed up when it came to Jerry Sykes. They knew he wasn’t good for Tammy. But, they knew she was happy and they wanted her to be happy. So, they didn’t step in when they should have. And, Tammy Slaton gained nearly 100 pounds during her relationship with Jerry. Now, they fear this new guy is just another Jerry and they don’t plan to make the same mistake.

Tammy drops massive bombshell on her siblings

During the confrontation, Tammy Slaton drops a massive bombshell on her siblings. Chris and Misty do some research on her boyfriend. They learn he’s very open about his interest in big women. Chris thinks it is disgusting as he clearly just sees Tammy as a fetish and doesn’t really love her for her. Then, Misty and Chris realize Tammy’s new boyfriend won’t date women under 300 pounds. According to his TikTok, even if he’s married he’ll leave a woman if she drops under 300 pounds. Chris and Misty ask Tammy if she is happy knowing he’ll leave her when she drops under 300 pounds.

1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube
1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube

This is when Tammy Slaton drops a shocking bombshell on her brother and sister. Turns out, she is fine with the fact that he feels that way because she has no intentions of dropping under 300 pounds. She explains that she doesn’t want to be under 300 pounds. Misty fired back arguing that was just her boyfriend talking. Tammy, however, shut the conversation down noting that he had nothing to do with it.

From the beginning, however, Tammy very bluntly told her siblings she was not interested in discussing her love life with them. By the end of the episode, she broke down in tears as she couldn’t understand why her family was coming for her relationship.

1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube
1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube

Were you surprised by this bombshell that Tammy Slaton dropped on Chris and Misty? Do you think weight loss is still in the cards for Tammy at this point? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest 1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers and news.

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  1. Put Tammy is a nursing home an be done with it! An she’s so desperate for anyone that will look at her!! I mean look at what she been with? The only thing she’s gonna get from the trash she’s with is AIDS!

  2. Tammy just looking for some man any man to love her she dont care who he is her health dont mean nothing to her she not gonna lose no weight her family may as well give up because if somebody dont care about there self how can you help them…

    1. Have you though about taking English classes? All those double negatives – you’re talking gibberish…

  3. They way I see it is this find a nurse for Tammy and just leave her alone because it is obvious she isn’t going to lose weight like Amy did.If she is this stubborn and hard headed let her find out the hard way.

  4. The way Tammy treats everyone especially her family is discusting. She doesn’t want to loose weight everything she does and says shows that. From leaving treatment to dating to being rude and defensive about doing anything that requires her to do anything. She is probably looking forward to being bedridden she can have whatever man candy fetish freak feed her in bed. They need to just hospice her she needs therapy and put in her self satisfying place. No one is thinking of the stress this is causing Amy to backslide. Which could be dangerous for her and beautiful Gage.

  5. The only kind of men she looks for are the one’s who will keep stuffing her face instead of encouraging her to get up off her lazy ass and do what she should be doing!!!

  6. Her latest BF says he would cut her loose if she was under 300 lbs. Well she could lose 300 lbs. and still not be under 300 lbs!
    OMFG! She looks like a mattress with eyes! And she has an ugly attitude! And that makes her totally unattractive! That and her lack of hygiene!
    Maybe if she took an interest in her appearance, it might motivate her to lose weight.
    Maybe if she bathed daily. Got a new wardrobe. A new hairstyle that would be easy to care for. And she could get out in public more often. She could take a class to learn something. Get a hobby. Maybe she could learn to like herself.

  7. The family needs to realize that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I agree, put her into a facility and let them deal with her instead of just letting her drag them down with her. At the rate she’s going she won’t live much longer, so they can start getting used to not having her around. Also, when she’s on her own we’ll see how much “in love” her chubby chaser boyfriend is when he’s her support system and the rest aren’t picking up the slack.

  8. She’s not only ñot trying to lose weight ( cause nobody’s gonna have a show called the 300lb sisters!!)” Her weight is her livelihood. But she is also contributing to Amy’s recent stress based backsliding. She is rude , confrontational , abusive , and funky looking. Definitely not a QUEEN,,,,sober or drunk.

  9. I would like to see tammy take something seriously all she does is bitch and eat. If she was nice to her family but she acts worse than a entitled teenager I would have to slap her if she talked to me the way she talks to her sister. But I do like the show and would like to see how things turn out for tammy Amy and Chris.

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