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‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Episode 2 Recap- Nov. 28

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On the Season 16 premiere of Sister Wives, Christine was going through the motions of living in Flagstaff. She admitted to still wanting to get back to Utah. Kody approached all the wives about why they did not want to relocate again. For Robyn, she did love Utah, as well. However, this was going to be her last move. Meri tried to calm Christine down when she felt she could not be with Kody anymore. It did not work and probably not from the best source.

Initially, Kody had wanted the family to live in one home on the Coyote Pass property. Now, he has announced there will be five lots, one for himself. This threw the women off as they just expected him to rotate as he had always done. COVID is still running rampant and the family struggles to connect. Kody has his rules and he is about to reiterate them once again.

Working Out With the Sister Wives

Janelle stops by to see Kody and he is working out. He likes meditative music while he lifts whereas she prefers German Industrial Rock or Eminem. Robyn notes Janelle went to several rock concerts when they were living in Vegas. She has a wild side that involves snakeskin leggings apparently. That’s beside the point. Janelle had come to tell Kody that Hunter was leaving for school so she wanted to have a barbecue on the land.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

It has been five months since the virus started and the family needs to find a way to gather. The kids have been constantly complaining about not being able to see each other. Janelle is hoping the kids do not have to wear masks if they are all socially distanced. Kody knows if he enforces masks, it will be a hot mess. The problem for him is that the wives, with the exception of Robyn, have all been running their households differently. Janelle says she follows the CDC guidelines but believes Kody and Robyn are a little tighter.

They can have a bonfire, each wife with their kids will have their own space. As for Meri, Kody says she will just fit in somewhere, seeing as she has no kids. Kody wants everyone to show up for Hunter but he’s nervous he will spend the whole time panicking over the virus.

Meri and Kody Reconnect

When the couple had their thirtieth anniversary, Kody said he wanted Meri to court him. People wanted to know why she was staying with him, they felt he did not love her. She said this is her family and she is committed. Meri was thrilled to find out he was coming by because he had to talk to her. He no longer socially distances himself from her as he learned she has been safe. She clearly does not care what he has to talk to her about as long as he is there and is talking.

Meri Brown Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Kody wants to know Meri’s feelings about moving to Utah since polygamy is no longer a felony. He does want to move back to Utah, as well because he always imagined himself retiring there. Meri has no desire to ever go back after they were thrown out of the state. She remembers when she was really low and ended up getting catfished. Robyn was there for her so she wants to be there for Christine.

Meri has learned that Kody is being a “jackwagon.” He told Christine he wanted to move back to Utah so when she was crying at Coyote Pass, it was because she felt abandoned. No one knew that but he does this a lot and to be on that end of it is not fun. Kody admits maybe he is going through a midlife crisis but he feels right in Flagstaff. He questions if maybe they can all be married yet live in different states. None of the wives think the marriages can function that way. As he leaves Meri, he declares they have an amicable relationship with no romantic interest.

Sister Wives Rules and Regulations

Since the university starts up a little earlier for Gabriel, Janelle feels she needs to talk to him, especially since his girlfriend is back in town. She asks if he would mind staying in his apartment for a little while and not coming into the home. It is actually attached to Janelle’s home so she would see his comings and goings but he would not be in contact with the house. He realizes the only way to see his dad is to get the virus because then he feels he would be immune.

Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube
Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube

The cases have gone done with summer ending so he just wants to be with his siblings and see his dad normally. Janelle believes Gabriel should choose his girlfriend over his father, at this point. The grown kids should live their lives normally and not suffer because of Kody. Kody is actually over Robyn’s getting tools to build the firepits for the barbecue. He asks if Robyn’s two youngest can come to the event with the social distancing. Kody will help wrangle them because they do not understand why they have to be apart from their siblings.

Both Truely and Solomon are immunocompromised so Kody wants everyone to be safe. He suggests Meri help with the kids since she has been quarantined but Robyn thinks it will look bad to everyone else. Kody lets her know they are only building three fires so she has to sit by one. However, Robyn does not want everyone to look at them and think they are bending the rules. Robyn says she has been so cautious and followed all of Kody’s rules. Meri has been sequestered whereas Janelle and Christine have been traveling and people have been visiting. This has ruined the dynamic.

Barbecue Time

Everyone is so excited to get together but Christine is shocked Meri does not have her own section. Meri does not care as she says she won’t even eat a s’more. Now, Christine has a big announcement. Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery is about six weeks away. Instead of having a rod, she will have fibers inserted in her giving her a lot of movement. It won’t be one hundred percent but it will be great. Kody would like for them to wait because of COVID yet she is in too much pain.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Ysabel wants her scar to be covered up by a tattoo. Kody would flip out if he knew she wanted one but Christine said yes, absolutely. Everyone, especially the boys, is super supportive of Ysabel. She will be away with Christine for six weeks so it will be hard. Ultimately, Christine confesses to the camera her family has hung out at Janelle’s. She had to choose between her and Kody and she chose Janelle. Kody will not help wrangle Robyn’s kids so it is a hot mess but he does make Meri a s’more.

Robyn encourages him and it makes Meri so giddy. As for talks of the holidays, they would all have to follow certain guidelines in order to celebrate together. Janelle’s boys feel they have gotten closer to the detriment of their relationship with their siblings. They start lashing out at their dad with their opinions and he feels like he is no longer the patriarch of some homes.

Next week, Ysabel struggles to understand why her dad could not be there for her surgery while Christine questions her marriage to Kody. Watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.


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