Simon Cowell To Profit From Real Estate Deal: 2021 Net Worth Climbs

Music mogul Simon Cowell stands to make a huge profit from a real estate deal that will no doubt cause his 2021 net worth to climb even more. According to The Sun, the 62-year-old will make a massive profit on a home in Wimbledon that he never spent any time at. What kind of profit does he stand to make and what does his 2021 net worth look like right now? Keep reading for all the details.

Simon Cowell stands to profit in huge real estate deal

In 2019, Simon Cowell purchased a home in southwest London for £15m. He recently listed the home for £18m. The music mogul did do around £1m of renovations back when he purchased the home in 2019. So, he still stands to make a £2mil profit. In USD, this means Simon Cowell stands to make about $2.6 million USD in profit on this massive real estate deal.

Why did he purchase the Wimbledon home, anyway?

Simon Cowell did purchase the home with the intention of living in it. The home was intended to be for him, his partner Lauren Silverman, her son Adam, and their son Eric to move in. After purchasing the home, they realized there would be a 14-mile commute to and from Eric’s school. Unfortunately, this commute translated to being roughly two hours. So, they made the decision to continue to live in their six-bedroom home located in Holland Park. The purchase, however, had already been made.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell/Instagram

Speaking to someone close to the family, Daily Mail learned that Simon and Lauren were hoping to get out of central London. But, things did not work out the way they wanted them to.

Simon and Lauren fancied a change. They wanted to get out of central London and go somewhere a little more leafy. They wanted clean air and to make it their long-term family home. They spent a lot of time and money on it, but things just didn’t work out, so they have decided to put it on the market and stay put. Eric is settled in his school and they didn’t want to move him, so they tried the journey and it was a nightmare.”

Simon Cowell’s 2021 net worth continues to climb

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Simon Cowell is considered to be one of the “most successful media personalities of both music and television of the last 30 years.” So, it is no surprise that his 2021 net worth would be explosively high. Simon Cowell will be ending the year 2021 with a net worth estimated to be about $600 million. Celebrity Net Worth also estimated Simon Cowell makes a salary just shy of $100 million a year.

AGT Simon Cowell
AGT Simon Cowell / YouTube

So, that $2.6 million USA profit on the real estate deal is really just a drop in the bucket for the music mogul. Simon Cowell’s unbelievable 2021 net worth is ultimately the reason why he was able to accidentally purchase a house he couldn’t use for $20 million USD and then sit on it for two years before trying to sell it.

Does it surprise you to learn just how high Simon Cowell’s 2021 net worth is? Can you believe he purchased a home with $20 million USD and then didn’t use it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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