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​​​​Tori Roloff Announces MORE Big News That Kicks Off Season

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Tori Roloff is known as someone who loves to share things about her family on social media. That’s especially the case when that family has some very big news to share. That’s certainly what is happening these days as the family has had quite a bit of news to share over the last few months.

Right at the top of the list of that news is that the group had a big move. The Little People Big World stars in fact moved quite a bit away from the family home. That was shocking enough for some, who assumed Tori Roloff and her family were going to be in charge of the larger family business in the next few years.

However, the move showed that her little klan wanted to have their own say on their immediate future.

That move seems like it’s been good for the group as they are all smiles in quite a few of her most recent photos. That’s especially the case when she was showing off the big news with her many followers that brought a smile to so many.

Tori Roloff Having Some Fun This Season

It turns out that the big news wasn’t of the “moving into a new home” level, but it’s still important to a family this time of year.

Tori roloff
Tori Roloff/Instagram

This time around, Tori Roloff wanted everyone to know that the little family had officially picked out their Christmas tree. It is indeed that season that it’s time to get Christmas decorations up and that’s certainly true of the Little People Big World stars.

Tori Roloff
Tori Roloff/Instagram

The proud mama took to her Instagram in order to let everyone know that they had their tree and that meant the season could officially begin.

Alongside that caption, Tori Roloff shared several photos showing the journey from picking out the tree, to putting it in their new living room.

Tori Roloff
Tori Roloff/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, the proud pictures made many of her followers quite happy about what she was showing off. Several made it clear they just loved seeing the kind of dedication she had to her little family.

Followers Go Wild

“Why is your family so freakin cute?” one follower wrote.

That particular comment prompted Tori to respond that it was actually all about her husband Zach when it comes to cuteness.

Another follower wanted to make sure they had a great time celebrating the season.

“Have the best Christmas season ever1” They wrote. “Your family is beautiful.”

Another fan shared a time they actually met the reality stars.

“What adorable children! Everytime my mom and I see your little guy on LPBW we can’t stop saying how adorable he is!” They wrote. “Love his personality and he is so bright! What a blessing you have in your children! And Lilah is precious. We met you, Zach, and Jackson his first pumpkin season. Thank you for being so kind to us. God Bless you and your family.”

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