How To Get Updates During Josh Duggar’s Trial: Can You Watch It?

Josh Duggar, TLC (KW Josh Duggar Trial)

Josh Duggar‘s trial is right around the corner. Fans and critics are interested in learning more about his case involving child sexual abuse images. How can the public get the most up-to-date news throughout the trial?

For those who don’t know, Josh was arrested this spring for receiving and possessing child pornography. The former TLC star is now awaiting his trial after turning down multiple plea deals. According to sources, his family is standing by his side as he claims he’s innocent.

If he’s convicted, Josh is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, as well as decades behind bars. Currently, Josh is staying with a custodian approved by the court. LaCount and Maria Reber, friends of the Duggar family, are allowing him to stay in their guest house.

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There, he must abide by several rules set by the court. For example, he must wear a GPS tracking device and cannot access the internet. He also cannot be around minors except his own seven children with his wife, Anna’s supervision.

Now, Josh’s trial is getting closer. So, we now have more details about the news coverage to come during the trial.

Can you watch Josh Duggar’s trial?

So, will Josh’s trial be broadcast anywhere for the public to see? No, it’s not available to watch online or on the news. To get the most recent news throughout Josh’s trial, the public will have to wait for updates from news outlets.

U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks issued an order regarding electronic devices in the courtroom. The order reads:

“Members of the public and the media are prohibited from entering the courthouse with cellular phones, recording devices or any other type of electronic device, such as laptop computers or tablets.”

During the trial, reporters may take notes. However, they can’t share any information live from the courtroom. So, the public won’t be able to get live updates during the trial to know what is happening.

But this case will get plenty of attention, so the public can look for news on it shortly after the trial. Fans, critics, and everyone else is curious to see what will happen to Josh and to learn whether he’s guilty.

So, are you surprised that Josh Duggar’s trial won’t be televised? What do you expect to come from the trial? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. What a missed opportunity. Yes, everyone wants to see his expressions and the expressions of his wife and family when they realize the truth.

  2. I pray that the truth comes out about what Josh Dugger has done or not done during his trail. The Dugger family led the world to believe that they lived a Christian life style for years with their reality TV show 19 Kids And Counting on TLC. The Dugger family fooled the world. They had a family code word they would say if a female was approaching that they felt was dressed to their Christian standards. When the word was called out by one if the family members all males would have to look at the ground so they did not see the female dressed sinfully. In my opinion the Dugger Family fooled the world with their TLC TV show. I pray the truth finally comes out. Reguardless of what the truth is.

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