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Jon Gosselin Hospitalized From Poisonous Spider Bite

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Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin found himself in the hospital over Thanksgiving weekend. However, it turns out it might not be what most people would expect. This wasn’t caused by a bad burn from the oven, or a cut when slicing up veggies. In fact, his trip to the hospital had nothing at all to do with Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s safe to say that there’s very little chance that anyone could have seen the reason he needed medical care coming.

Jon Gosselin Suffers Swelling

The reality television alum revealed that he was bitten by a brown recluse spider while sleeping and awoke in “excruciating” pain. He eventually talked to The Sun about the extent of the injuries and made it clear that things got bad quickly enough that he was quite concerned.

The extent of the injuries included a swollen leg from the bite and his leg swelled up to “twice the size” of normal.

If that wasn’t concerning enough, the reality alum said that the swelling came along with a “red-looking blister with a large red circle around it.”

Jon Gosselin says he was in Philadelphia, DJ’ing for the weekend. Taking a nap, he awoke in pain and realized he had been bitten by… something.

Realizing almost right away that something was very wrong, he said he limped to the car. From there he took himself to the hospital. It didn’t take long once he was examined by a doctor to determine what exactly had bitten him.

Jon Gosselin
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He also made it clear he felt that he was lucky everything was now ok.

“The doctor told me that I was lucky to come in because if you don’t treat this you can lose limbs or die from a bacterial infection,” he told the publication. “It’s crazy because one moment I was DJ-ing and having the best weekend and next thing you know my life was in danger again.”

Recovery Going Well

While he is out of the woods and on the mend, the bite was clearly quite serious. It’s been a week now since he was actually admitted to the hospital. His recovery is still going relatively slowly but steady. He says that the swelling has gone down, but his leg is still tender. That’s especially the case where the bite took place.

He added that he’s glad the pain is mostly where the spider struck, rather than his whole leg.

Jon Gosselin also talked about the fact that he’s having a rough year. The bite is just the latest bad turn. He’s also had to suffer through getting COVID-19 and recently breaking up with long time girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

It seems sooner or later, things need to start turning around.

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