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Jill Dillard Shares Big Holiday Mood

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Jill Dillard is someone who is seemingly more comfortable on social media than she used to be. In general, it feels like the Counting On alum is more comfortable in her skin.

For the last couple of months now, she’s been sharing more about her little family. She’s even shared some rather intimate details such as how everyone dealt with a recent miscarriage. She’s also done some things that show that she’s eschewing the upbringing she had.

That includes the nose ring that she’s been showing off more and more. That’s exactly the kind of thing that her parents, the Duggars would simply not have been thrilled about.

As she’s gotten more comfortable in her own skin, she’s seemingly been having more fun with social media. That includes a recent post she made showing she and Derick goofing around a bit with the kids.

On Friday, she took to Instagram showing off that goofier side with her husband, captioning the post “Yesterday’s mood.”

Jill Dillard Having Some Fun

Alongside the caption, the reality tv alum posted a picture of both she and Derick taking some very big bites out of turkey legs. The post was obviously supposed to remind people of Thanksgiving the day before and it looked as though they were having some real fun with the picture.

That stood out because while the family often appears loving and tender with one another, they don’t often show off their goofier side on social media. In fact, judging from Jill Dillard’s postings, the group can seem like they’re a bit buttoned up. However, this picture and the caption that went along with it seemed to be sending the message that they were cutting a bit more loose than normal.

Jill Dillard Shares Big Holiday Mood
Jill Dillard/Instagram

While Jill and Derick were the focus of the pic, they weren’t the only thing to see. In fact, the kids appeared to be having fun in the background also making goofy faces as their children chomped down on leftovers.

Jill dillard
Jill Dillard/Instagram

Not Everyone Loves The Idea

To be sure, most of the people who saw Jill Dillard and her family goofing around with the turkey legs thought it was a great picture. Some called it the most adorable thing they’d ever seen. Others made turkey jokes such as simply responding “gobble.”

However, there were some who seemed turned off or even offended by the picture.

One particular follower simply wrote “unfollow.” They didn’t bother to explain why that was a picture that upset them so much.

However, most followers just enjoyed the fun, with more than a few noticing the different expressions on Jill Dillard’s kids.

“Samuel is like I really want some of that,” one follower wrote. “And Israel is just super excited!!!”

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