How Was Christine Brown’s 1st Holiday Since Leaving Kody?

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Christine Brown has wasted no time getting back in the saddle since leaving Kody. She has made sure the world is aware that she does not need a man for happiness. This was especially resonant as she spent her first major holiday as a single woman.

Christine Brown Exerts Her Freedom

She was not the wife many expected to leave first. However, Christine made a splash when she announced she was leaving Kody Brown on November 2. After twenty-seven years together, the mother of six decided to do what was best for her. Admittedly, she was growing weary of the plural lifestyle, especially once the Browns had moved to Flagstaff. They had this gorgeous plot of land, Coyote Pass, yet it remained vacant for two years.

Sister Wives Kody - Lots

When COVID hit, the wives and their kids, had to stay far apart which became increasingly hard, especially on Christine’s youngest daughter, Truely. When viewers had first met the family in Utah in 2010, they all lived in one home. It had been built by a polygamist and allowed for the wives to have separate space but for the kids to be one familial unit. Kody had hoped he could get back to that style upon building on Coyote Pass. However, Christine was vehemently against this.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown Youtube

She eventually shared she hated living like that. Her role had become the basement wife because she lived on the very bottom. This was a place no wife wanted to ever be and it was somewhat stigmatized. Luckily, she was able to buy her own home in Flagstaff while she waited for progress on CP. Yet, her heart resided back in Utah where her two eldest, Mykelti and Aspyn lived with their husbands. She tried her best to get the family to go back there but it was a no-go. So, she bought her own home there and parted ways with Kody.

The First Solo Holiday

Last year, with COVID new and so uncertain, Kody was canceling everything. Birthdays, holidays, etc. While it is yet to be seen what he has planned for 2021, Christine is a free woman and ensured she made the most out of her first solo Thanksgiving. First off, she twinned with her mom and her daughter, Truely. The three of them wore matching pajamas and Christine Brown could not help but glow.

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG
Credit: Christine Brown IG

E! also pointed out Christine’s holiday weekend activities which included a first with granddaughter, Avalon. Christine had her very own high chair for Mykelti’s baby girl. Additionally, she admitted to losing (and not liking it) with her kids. Overall, she just feels really blessed. Prior to the holiday, Christine has been catching up on lost time with her eldest children, Aspyn and Mykelti.

Christine Brown Credit: Mykelti Padron IG
Credit: Mykelti Padron IG

They have been taking strolls and having outdoor dining experiences since both live in Utah with their husbands. She is living life to the fullest and does not seem to miss her old life one bit. Though she has said she and Kody have “good and bad days,” this seems to be for the best.

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