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Farrah Abraham Under Fire For Asking For Donations For Assault Victims

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Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham wants to do something good on Giving Tuesday. She is currently asking fans for donations for assault victims. She wants to donate all of the money to the upcoming Giving Tuesday, which takes place on Tuesday, November 30. But fans think she should put her money where her mouth is.

Farrah posted a message from RAINN, an organization that helps victims of assault. Giving Tuesday is a holiday that falls after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday. Some people want to kick off the holiday season by giving back to their community in some way. Some will support small businesses, while others give back to those in need.

Farrah Abraham makes a vow for Giving Tuesday

On Saturday, November 27, Farrah Abraham posted a message from RAINN. The poster reads, “November 30, 2021. RAINN: It’s That Time Again! It’s #GivingTuesday!” The former MTV star informed her fan that Giving Tuesday is coming up next week. She wants to give back to the victims of assault. She just needs a little help from her three million followers.

She’s asking them for donations. In her lengthy message, Farrah explained why she chose the organization. The television personality feels that it’s an important cause.

Farrah Abraham - Instagram
Farrah Abraham – Instagram

“WHY? The resource it takes to mentally, physically get your life back after being violated hurts a person to their core, affects their family, work friends, and breaks the person,” Farrah Abraham wrote in the caption. “Rebuilding victims of assault is no small task and the more we all can help even as surviving victors, not victims anymore helps us all overcome triggers, abuse, and rape culture!”

The former Teen Mom star is asking for donations for the charity. Farrah did not share how much she plans to donate to the charity. She also took to the comment section to give a shout-out to the followers who shared the message across all platforms.


Teen Mom fans call her out for not donating herself

It makes sense as to why Farrah Abraham chose this organization. She’s also a victim of assault. The incident took place in her 20s. The reality star first opened up about it in her book.

“I was sexually assaulted in the last months of my life being in my ’20s,” Farrah Abraham wrote, as quoted by The Blast. “Becoming a victim of sexual assault has changed my life. It had me push back this book release, it has me taking more time and realizing I am not at the capacity I used to be at.”

Farrah Abraham
Instagram/Farrah Abraham

Still, Teen Mom fans didn’t find Farrah’s message thoughtful. Most of them called her out for asking her followers for donations. One fan noted that Farrah is only asking for $300, which she could easily pay herself. Another argued that it’s not enough money to help assault victims.

One user even wrote, “How much have you given?” However, some were impressed by Farrah’s thoughtfulness. One wrote, “Excellent cause,” while another added, “you’re an amazing person Farrah.”

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