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Farrah Abraham Flaunts Poor Driving During Thanksgiving Stream

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Farrah Abraham might be under fire yet again. This time it’s for the way she comported herself during Thanksgiving.

The Teen Mom star has come under fire in recent weeks for several of her most recent social media posts. The latest might be the worst of the bunch. That’s because she posted a new video where she was not only thought to be driving but admitted that she was in fact, driving.

That was a bit of a problem all on its own. But not only did the reality star admit she was driving, she admitted she wasn’t doing a very good job at it.

Earlier this week, the former Teen Mom shared a video to her Instagram stories of her looking and talking directly into her phone’s camera. She was clearly paying little attention to the road around her.

And in the video, she admits to driving erratically and speeding.

“Just going over ever speed bump like nothing,” Farrah Abraham smirked. “It’s turkey time. I can’t be late for Thanksgiving, y’all.”

The 30-year-old blond then ruffled her hair and gave a little giggle. Then she decided perhaps she had said too much, before turning off the camera.

While there hasn’t been a ton of fallout just yet, it seems likely it’s going to come. She’s certainly not someone who avoids that particularly well.

Farrah Abraham In Trouble Again

In fact, the reality star has been getting herself in hot water quite often these days.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Most recently. she came under fire because of a twerking video she did with her tween daughter.

Mother and daughter both shook their butts at the camera in her kitchen. Farrah Abraham wore skintight green leggings and a gray crop top, while Sophia was in black shorts and a sweatshirt.

They moved from side to side with their arms in the air, while copying the moves of a Roblox video.

While the MTV star was clearly proud of the clip, there were more than a few critics who claimed it was “inappropriate” and accused her of “exploiting” her daughter for social media credit.

One user took to Reddit to explain why they were upset that the reality star was posting that sort of thing.

“She exploits her young daughter for her own advertisement,” they wrote. “This woman uses Sophia for clickbait.”

Holiday Problems For The Reality Star

The Teen Mom alum seems to especially find trouble during the holidays.

Over Halloween, she came under fire for making a bizarre video with Sophia in their costumes. Farrah Abraham was seen grinding on a broomstick while dressed as a witch, while Sophia waved a knife in the air in her Scream costume.

At one point, both mom and daughter did squats and kicks as the 12-year-old continued to hold onto the knife.

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