Claire Duggar Pregnant?! Speculation Picks Up, Here’s Why

Claire Duggar Instagram (KW Claire Duggar Pregnant)

Could Claire Duggar be pregnant? Fans and critics suspect a pregnancy announcement is coming soon, and there are good reasons for it. Read on to get the full scoop. 

As we reported, Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey in February. The pair recently celebrated their one-year engagement anniversary. You may remember Claire and Justin because they are one of the younger couples to get married. Justin proposed right before his 18th birthday. So, they are still very young. 

Still, because they are a part of the Duggar family, fans are wondering when they will start their family. At this point, they still haven’t announced a pregnancy, which comes as a surprise. Often, the married couples start their families right away after tying the knot. 

Now, Duggar fans and critics think Claire could actually be pregnant now, and here’s why. 

Claire Duggar Instagram. Justin Duggar
Claire Duggar Instagram

Why fans and critics think Claire Duggar is pregnant

There are several reasons the family’s followers think Claire is pregnant now. Fans suspect many announcements will come from the Duggars soon as a way to distract from Josh’s trial. His trial is on November 30. At this point, Katey Duggar is the only daughter or daughter-in-law known to be pregnant, which isn’t common. Typically, there are multiple Duggars pregnant at the same time. So, fans thought there would have been another announcement by now.

So, fans think that multiple pregnancy announcements have been delayed in hopes of using them to take attention from Josh’s trial. Claire’s could be one of them. One Reddit user speculates, “Maybe saving announcement until November 30th to distract from trial.” 

Claire and Justin also made the trip from Texas to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. It’s possible that’s how they decided to divide up the holidays between his family and hers. But it’s also possible that they had a specific reason to visit the Duggars. Maybe they went to announce a pregnancy at Thanksgiving. 

Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks think that Claire must be pregnant now, or else she and Justin are actively preventing it. This is something that is uncommon in the Duggar family, though Jill Dillard has revealed she uses non-hormonal birth control. 

Of course, there’s no way to know whether Claire is pregnant yet. So, fans will need to wait and see whether Claire and Justin are expecting a baby. 

So, do you think Claire Duggar is pregnant or that she will be the next family member to be pregnant? When do you think she might make a pregnancy announcement? Let us know in the comments section below. For more updates about your favorite Duggar family members, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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