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Bates Grandchildren 2021: See How Gil And Kelly Jo’s Family Has Grown

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How many Bates grandchildren are there in 2021? The Bringing Up Bates family is always growing, and fans can’t keep up with how many grandkids have joined the family. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have 19 of their own children, and many of them have gotten married and started their own families. However, some of the younger kids are still at home with Gil and Kelly Jo.

Though the family’s show will return to UPtv early next year, it’s not caught up with the family’s lives in real-time due to filming and production. So, you might be wondering about how the family has grown.

The married couples include:

In December, Katie Bates will marry Travis Clark. Lawson Bates recently proposed to Tiffany Espensen in Italy, but they have not revealed their wedding date.

Bates Family Instagram (Bringing Up Bates)
Bates Family Instagram

Bates Grandchildren 2021 Update

All of Kelly Jo and Gil’s grandchildren include:

  • Bradley Gilvin, 7 years old (Zach and Whitney)
  • Allie Jane, 6 years old (Alyssa and John)
  • Charles Stephen/Carson, 6 years old (Chad and Erin)
  • Kaci Lynn, 5 years old (Zach and Whitney)
  • Brooklyn Elise, 5 years old (Chad and Erin)
  • Lexi Mae, 4 years old (Alyssa and John)
  • Zoey Joy, 3 years old (Alyssa and John)
  • Everly Hope, 3 years old (Chad and Erin)
  • Robert “Kade” Ellis, 3 years old (Tori and Bobby)
  • Willow Kristy, 2 years old (Josie and Kelton)
  • Khloé Eileen, 2 years old (Zach and Whitney)
  • Holland Grace, 2 years old (Chad and Erin)
  • Layla Rae, 1 year old (Carlin and Evan)
  • Kolter Gray, 1 year old (Tori and Bobby)
  • Maci Jo, 9 months old (Alyssa and John)
  • Jadon Carl, 5 months old (Zach and Whitney)
  • Hazel Sloane, 5 months (Josie and Kelton)
  • Charlotte Raine, 5 months (Tori and Bobby)
Zach & Whitney Bates Instagram
Zach & Whitney Bates Instagram
Alyssa Bates Instagram
Alyssa Bates Instagram
Chad & Erin Paine Instagram
Chad & Erin Paine Instagram
Josie Balka Instagram
Josie Balka Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

Two more babies are on the way, as well. Chad and Erin’s fifth child, Finley Marie, will arrive in January 2022. Carlin and Evan will welcome their second child, a boy, in April 2022. There might be other women in the family who are pregnant but haven’t made announcements yet as well. So, fans should stay on the lookout for more pregnancy news from their favorite Bates family members.

So, can you believe how many Bates grandchildren there are in 2021? Do you keep up with the family on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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  1. I have finished watching your series on Tubi. It has been a joy to get to know each family member through the six seasons that are available. I was greatly disappointed when I saw that season 4was deleted from the line up. I was looking forward to seeing Michaela and Brandon’s wedding. I will look up what I need to do to continue watching on the Up TV network. I am praying that God continues to bless all of your precious,growing family.

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