Does Scheana Shay Plan To Have Baby No. 2 Via Surrogate?

Scheana Shay Shares Baby No. 2 Plans [Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]

On Vanderpump Rules Season 9, Scheana Shay talks to co-star Ariana Madix about her future baby plans. She reveals that she wants to have her second baby via surrogate. Does the Pump Rules star still feel that way? Scheana did express an interest in expanding her family with fiance Brock Davies.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Summer Moon, on April 26, 2021. She showed off her beautiful baby girl on the reality series. Brock shares two children from a previous relationship, which he can’t visit at this time. So, the reality star is moving forward with her plans to have another child.

Vanderpump Rules star wants to have more kids

Scheana Shay had a difficult pregnancy journey. She shared most of it on Season 8 of the Bravo series. At the time, the singer was going through IVF. Then in June 2020, she revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. Thankfully, Scheana was able to give birth to a beautiful and healthy girl.

However, it was not easy. Scheana revealed that she’s considering the idea of surrogacy. She didn’t share when she wants to have another child. But she already has a name in mind for Summer’s little sibling.

Scheana Shay Shares Baby No. 2 Plans [Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]
[Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]
“What a lot of people don’t know is I actually got really sick in labor. I got diagnosed with preeclampsia and then that advanced to HELP syndrome,” Scheana Shay revealed to Us Weekly. “I was put in the high-risk ICU after baby and with HELP syndrome, it could literally be fatal. So that on top of my age, I’m at high-risk for that to happen again.”

The Boy Crazy founder claimed that it’s “not for cosmetic reasons or “selfish reasons.” Scheana is focusing on her health. She wants to be there for her children. The former SUR-ver doesn’t “want to put myself at risk again.” However, that won’t stop some fans and critics from wondering why Scheana wants to have a baby via surrogate since it’s already a touchy subject matter.

Scheana Shay is in the “early stages” of her surrogacy journey

The pair are still in the “early stages” of their surrogacy journey. Scheana Shay said they’re “not in a rush” to have another kid anytime soon. For now, she’s enjoying time with her little girl. She wants to enjoy all of those “firsts” before worrying about another child.

“I just want to spend so much time spoiling her and eat up those moments and not have another anytime soon,” Scheana Shay explained. “She’s such a good baby that it doesn’t make me want to have another. I’m like, ‘There’s no way we could get this lucky again.'”

Scheana Shay Shares Baby No. 2 Plans [Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]
[Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]
As for the baby name, she teased that it will be “something seasonal.” It doesn’t matter the baby’s gender. Brock previously shared that one of his children is named Winter Moon. In that same interview with Us Weekly, he’s holding out hope for reconciliation with his children and a possible spinoff in his native Australia.

“I think we’ll come out of top at the end. We’ll get back together hopefully soon and then who knows? Maybe you guys [will get] a little spinoff in Australia and we go Down Under with Scheana and Summer,” Brock teased. “I look forward to bringing out families together.”

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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