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What Will Happen To Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Now? Future Looks Bleak

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Now that the dust is settling around the Astroworld tragedy, it’s time for the stars involved to pay the price. Travis Scott already has lawsuits against him piling up to 3 billion dollars. What does this mean for his future and Kylie Jenner’s future? Probably less brand deals – that’s for sure.

Travis Scott’s future is ruined

According to Yahoo!, it doesn’t seem Travis Scott has a lot to look forward to in the future. The site asked experts what will happen to both him and Kylie Jenner now that this has occurred. Travis’s brand is likely ruined from now on the experts think. All of this comes down to what Travis did and if he knew a danger like this was present.

“If Scott actively disregarded known risks to his concertgoers either before the show or during it, he could be on the hook for negligence, at the least, and the millions of dollars in damages that could result from the suits,” an attorney reveals. “Incidents at Scott’s prior concerts will be a factor in plaintiffs’ claims that Travis Scott should have done more to alleviate the risks at his show, but the investigations into what happened to cause the horrific tragedy at Astroworld is still ongoing and Scott’s knowledge appears to be yet unknown.”

It’s a pretty well known fact that Travis’s shows can get a bit crazy. He is often encouraging his concert goers to get rowdy. When that many people are doing that together, it’s bound to get out of hand eventually.

[Credit: Travis Scott/Instagram]
[Credit: Travis Scott/Instagram]

His brand and finances are probably bad

While his financial future is uncertain, there is always a chance of bankruptcy considering just how many lawsuits he has against him. Plus, there are probably many more coming. More than that though, it’s going to destroy his brand the experts say.

“It’s been a brand disaster through a treasure chest of blunders,” says crisis PR expert Eric Schiffer. “After the incident, he said he was devastated, but Travis’s initial words don’t ring true with many people. Why did he keep performing when emergency vehicles were pulling up if he was so devastated?.”

They continue by asking “Why didn’t he stop the music and have producers announce it? Why did he and Drake throw a party right after?”

Some of this has already been seen. Travis and Kylie had a W Magazine cover lined up that got pulled.

What about Kylie Jenner?

While her brand work with Travis should probably come to an end, her brand itself will likely not take a big hit the experts say. This actually goes for the whole Kardashian family.

Kylie Jenner
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“Kylie and the Kardashian family will not be held to the same standard as Travis. So the criticism won’t materially affect the Kardashians,” says the expert.

Of course, they all got a lot of backlash when they moved on on social media like nothing happened. But, it seems that it likely won’t stay like that. They should be able to come out of this.

As for now, it’s up to Travis to bring his name back. It’s going to take time and convincing but he is going to have to work with people to make them trust him ever again – if that’s even possible.

“Travis has the difficult challenge of having the public make sense of past events where he fostered a lack of safety against a picture of what he wants: the responsible and unaware innocent bystander despite people suggesting he was getting warned of the deaths below his stage,” the source says.

What do you think of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s futures? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more reality TV news.

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