‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals Quirky Quarantine Hobby

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown reveals the quirky habit he picked up during quarantine. Plus, he answers more burning questions from fans.

Sister Wives patriarch reveals his dream vacation – Are his wives invited?

Kody Brown has more than one wife to please – he has four. So, when it comes to planning vacations, he admits that he does what others want, not what he wants.

Earlier this week, TLC shared a Q&A session with the patriarch of the Brown family. A question came up about his dream vacation. After listing off Mexico, the beach, or Hawaii, Kody Brown had a secret to reveal.

The truth is, he said, those aren’t his dream vacation spots. For him, his dream vacation would be to get together with his friends for some “long and exuberant conversations.”

Before catching himself and adding, “or all of my wives,” Kody said he would drag “one of his wives” with him on his dream vacation. Was he thinking of any of his four wives in particular? 

Sister Wives fans have long accused Robyn of being Kody’s favorite wife.

Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube
Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube

Favorite thing to do in his free time

Even with having four wives and 18 children, Kody Brown finds himself with a lot of free time. Where can he be found during his downtime? Calling up his kids or friends while tinkering about in his garage.

“I love working in the garage,” he told the cameras. What does he do in the garage? According to Kody, he’s “not a great woodworker,” and prefers to work with metals.

Kody Brown picked up this quirky hobby during quarantine

2020 was a strange time in the United States, and around the world. The majority of people were under strict quarantine, staying at home with their families. For the Browns, that complicated matters because there are multiple wives in the same family.

In fact, the family is still recovering from the strain and stress it put on their relationships with one another. Fans are seeing that continue to play out on Season 16 of the reality show.

Kody Brown recently revealed that he had COVID at some point during the pandemic.

In the TLC Q&A, he talked about the hobby he picked up during quarantine. While originally saying he didn’t pick up any new hobbies, just did what he normally does, he suddenly recalled one quirky hobby he did pick up.

Kody Brown taught himself to play the ukulele. “That was a lot of fun,” he said. The television personality also claimed that he was “so busy” during the shutdown, despite a global pandemic.

Does it surprise you to learn the quirky hobby Kody Brown started during the coronavirus pandemic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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