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Kylie Jenner Breaks Instagram Silence Post Astroworld Tragedy

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Kylie Jenner has been in hot water ever since the tragedy at Astroworld. Kylie has already apologized once, but now she is taking to the public once more. This time it seems just to et back to normal life. How will fans handle this transition?

Kylie Jenner breaks Instagram silence

Kylie has basically been MIA ever since the Astroworld tragedy. She wrote an apology on her story after it happened, then went silent until now Buzfeed reports.

“Travis and I are broken and devastated,” she writes in her original Instagram story. “My thoughts and prayers are with all who lost their lives, were injured or affected in anyway by yesterday’s events. I want to make it clear we weren’t aware of any fatalities until the news came out after the show and in no world would have continued filming or performing.”

She has broken her silence just to wish one of her best friends a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday @HaileyBieber,” she wrote beneath an image of her 3-year-old daughter, Stormi, in a pool with Hailey. “You are such a beautiful person inside and out. We love you lots.”

So, while Kylie has been pretty quiet for a while now it seems that she has moved past this tragedy and is ready to get back to normal posting. It will be interesting to see how fans handle the transition.

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She left in the middle of the night

Kylie actually left Travis Scott behind in the middle of the night not long ago. After the tragedy, the couple stayed in Houston while Travis paid for funerals of those who had passed. However, Kylie did not end up staying with Travis. She snuck out in the middle of the night.

“Kylie and her team waited until it was late and left the house in blacked out cars heading for the airport, they didn’t want anyone to see them,” a source reports about the night she left.

It seems that she was probably trying not to get caught by and fans or news sources. She is pregnant and already has a daughter so likely needed to really get home. However, her safety is important too. There’s no telling what Travis was up to when Kylie snuck out.

Do you think it’s okay for Kylie Jenner to be posting like normal again? Or, should she still be quiet? Let us know in the comments below. come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite former Keeping up with the Kardashians stars.

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  1. It’s insane for anyone let alone her to earn 1 million per post I recall her when Kim first took her to a modeling gig she was un prepared, uninterested and ungrateful. Look at the photo for this article that coat looks of good quality but way oversized for her I don’t understand why anyone is interested in what these family members are doing. And I have no doubt her baby daddy was fully aware of the tragedy WHILE IT WAS OCCURRING. Crews working behind stage have means of communicating with one another including Those on stage. His violent behavior has been shown at other concerts along with him inciting violence towards audience members trying for more publicity For him to pay for funerals he should but that cost is pocket change for him n her. Society would be better off without “influencers” like him and her.

    1. Are you crazy???? And why are you reading if not a fan? I honestly don’t think they were aware of what was going on, they are rich and don’t need the negativity of something like this!!! Troll on

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