‘Hawkeye’: Merry Christmas to Marvel Fans

Rogers The Musical

Now streaming on Disney +, just in time for Christmas, is another Marvel series that is bound to be a hit. Hawkeye dances in with plenty of fanfare. The new Hawkeye has a short back story, however. The setup in the first episode comes in at the familiar Battle of New York. This quickly is followed up by an unenthused Cliff Barton with signs of hearing loss. Fans of the comics may have plenty of material to speculate on the future of this original Avenger.

More human than human

Marvel shows can be fun and fanciful. Hawkeye is spinning up a lot of fun but remains down to Earth. Jeremy Renner, the actor who plays Cliff Barton as Hawkeye, is getting the chance to expand on the character in a way that the movies couldn’t explore. He is getting in on LARP battles and can express his dry wit. Although with the introduction of Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, something is changing. The implication seems to be that the old Avengers are out, and a new generation is in. After all, Barton’s hearing loss and age are getting to him. He isn’t as superpowered as some of his other Avenger teammates.

A Hamilton-style play “Rogers: The Musical” features one of the most iconic lines in the MCU. “I can do this all day.” is sung with all the glee you would expect from an over-the-top performance on Broadway. This sets the tone for the first two episodes of the series. It is lending itself to the idea of a much more after-school-special type of adventure. It does a good job of contrasting the heavy implications of some of the other Marvel Properties.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are going to be hand-held into a juvenile story.

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There are already signs of intrigue and mystery surrounding our new protagonist mother. There also seems to be something a little more morose about Barton. He has been affected by the adventures he has been on. Moreover, his mental state can be seen to have been affected just as much as his physical one. Look here for a quick update on the Hawkeye first episode.

Merry Christmas to Marvel Fans

Where will Hawkeye land in the grand scheme of things? Only time will tell as each additional episode is scheduled for release on Disney + every Wednesday until this season is completed. Will we see another Loki twist of cosmic proportions, or will Hawkeye reflect the early Spiderman movies in the MCU? One thing is for sure, the showrunners for the MCU know what they are doing.

With over a decade of solid hits and good series, it will always be worth your time, as a Marvel fan, to tune into Hawkeye. Fans can call this one an early Christmas gift to themselves.

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