’90 Day Fiance’: Stephanie Matto’s Celibacy Explained

Stephanie Matto Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto reveals that she’s been practicing celibacy for over two years now. Actively participating as a part of the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 cast, Stephanie first made her debut in the franchise as one of the very first same-sex couples. 90 Day Fiance fans will recall one of the biggest reasons Stephanie’s relationship with Australian photographer girlfriend Erika Owens ultimately fell apart is because there was a real lack of intimacy between the two of them.

Pretending to be bisexual for a storyline?

Fans of 90 Day Fiance had an easy explanation for the lack of intimacy between Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens. Fans suspected the problem is Stephanie wasn’t really bisexual and had no interest in being intimate with Erika because she wasn’t interested in women. Was her sexuality faked for a storyline? Was the first same-sex couple in 90 Day Fiance a sham? Some viewers of the show really seemed to think so.

Stephanie Matto, however, insists she was not just pretending to be bisexual for the camera. Turns out, the TLC personality has actually been celibate for a few years. In fact, she claims that she practiced celibacy prior to appearing on the show. So, her lack of intimacy with Erika had nothing to do with her not being interested in women.

Stephanie Matto Instagram
Stephanie Matto Instagram

Stephanie Matto: A walking contradiction?

Now, one of the biggest issues 90 Day Fiance fans had with Stephanie Matto was she was a walking contradiction. She barely displayed a hint of physical intimacy with her girlfriend Erika. Yet, she was extremely active on a platform called OnlyFans. Stephanie Matto was blasted by TLC viewers for faking a persona on OnlyFans that didn’t match up with the girlfriend she portrayed on the TV show.

Stephanie Matto explains her celibacy

As Screen Rant reminds us, the controversial TLC personality suffers from a condition called aplastic anemia illness. This condition affects her drive to be intimate. Stephanie has openly admitted to her followers that in addition to being bisexual, there is a possibility she is asexual or demisexual as well.

Stephanie Matto has openly joked on her Instagram profile that she is celibate, but she’s happy to sell a fan a picture of her backside. She fully embraces being a walking contradiction in that regard.

Stephanie Matto Instagram
Stephanie Matto Instagram

Turns out, her celibacy has been a highlight for her storyline in 90 Day: The Single Life. Stephanie is working with an intimacy wellness coach because she is apprehensive about when the time comes to be intimate with someone. Stephanie recently opened up about her decision to continue to practice celibacy on Instagram.

There were seriously so many reasons why I chose celibacy and avoided attachment from people. Obviously being on Lupron and other meds contributed. Sprinkle on some trauma and you have the recipe.”

According to Stephanie, being intimate with someone has never been something she’s found enjoyable. And, she’s at a point in her life where she needs to learn how to enjoy being intimate with herself before she could even think about welcoming someone else into her world.

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