Josiah & Lauren Duggar Distancing Themselves From Jim Bob & Michelle?

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For weeks, Josiah and Lauren Duggar have been scrubbing their Instagram page. But now, they have taken it to another level, making people wonder if they’re stepping away from the Duggar family. Could they be trying to split from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar?

As we’ve reported, Josiah and Lauren deleted many of the photos on their shared Instagram account. They started by removing the pictures of their toddler daughter, Bella. But now, they have removed almost every photo. Fans and critics speculated about why this might have happened.

Josiah Duggar, Lauren Duggar Counting On
Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Many thought they wanted to clean up their page before Josh Duggar’s child sexual abuse material trial. Maybe they don’t want their pictures in the news. Others thought they didn’t feel comfortable with their daughter’s pictures online after learning of Josh’s alleged actions. Some even thought that Josiah and Lauren might be splitting up, which would explain why almost every picture of them together is gone.

But now, there are new theories circulating with another social media change they have made.

Josiah & Lauren Duggar drop hints they’re separating from Jim Bob & Michelle.

This first screenshot is of their profile on November 18. The second screenshot was taken on November 24. As you can see, they have removed the “Proverbs 3:5” verse, as well as the Medic Corps link and #CountingOn.

On Reddit, family critics are trying to figure out why these things have been deleted from their Instagram profile. Some think that they are rebranding their page in hopes of becoming social media influencers. However, many more think they are trying to distance themselves from the Duggars and the IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles).

One critic writes, “No more medicorps link in the bio. Could they be distancing themselves from IBLP?” Another user chimes in, “Distance (a little) from the Dug Crew? Maybe.”

Another thinks Josiah might be ready to move past living his life on TV. One user writes, “I think they just have no interest in being public figures. Sia was on tv as a child, which resulted in a lot of speculations about him. It was never his choice. I think we should respect their privacy, that they are clearly trying to find.”

Someone else agrees writing, “They seem to not want to be public figures at all so I wonder why they don’t just delete their accounts. Sort of odd.”

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram
Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram
Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

We don’t know for sure what Josiah and Lauren have planned. But they seem to be less associated with the Duggars than they were before.

So, do you think it seems like Josiah and Lauren Duggar are trying to keep their distance from Jim Bob and Michelle? Or do you think there’s another explanation for their social media activity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Duggar news.

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