Emma Slater On Separating Work And Home Life With Sasha Farber

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Working with your spouse can have its challenges. But competing in a televised ballroom competition against your spouse is an entirely different ballgame. But in spite of everything, several DWTS pros make it happen. Emma Slater and Sasha Farber are one of the married couples in the ballroom and are finding ways to keep their personal lives and professional lives separate.

Emma Slater reveals that she rarely ever fights with Sasha Farber when the competition heats up

Now that Dancing With The Stars Season 30 is over, Sasha Farber and Emma Slater are enjoying a little bit of downtime. But they won’t get to rest long, because the DWTS tour will be kicking off just after the new year. The couple and several of their castmates are excited to be back on the road after COVID-19 cancelled last year’s tour.

But how exactly do Sasha and Emma keep things from getting too competitive?

“I think we do a really good job of separating our work life from our home life, which is crazy because we literally [do] everything together,” Emma told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “So, it is hard to separate it. For some reason, we do a really good job with that. It’s just, like, it doesn’t get to us in our personal life.”

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They had to live separately while competing on the show due to safety protocols.

“You can’t live together because of the [safety] restrictions,” Emma continued. “Obviously, we’ve lived together pre-COVID during the season and we never really fight. We don’t really argue that much. We get frustrated, but,  not at each other, like, I will witness him get frustrated about choreographing something and I’ll try to help. … We have very different choreographing sort of styles and sometimes I’ll want to use him [and ask] ‘Can I try to step out with you in the lounge?’”

What will the couple do in the upcoming months?

Neither Emma nor Sasha have said whether or not they’ll come back for Season 31. But they’re going on the tour this winter, so it’s a good sign they’ll come back if ABC asks them to.

But what else is going on for the power couple?

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Both Sasha and Emma think they want to be parents, but the timing may not quite be right yet.

“I do get fever!” the 32-year-old dancer admitted to HollywoodLife. “I was actually just looking at Sage, Lindsay’s little girl, walking for the first time today. … I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. I’m thinking about it.”

However, Emma might think she wants to dedicate more time to her career.

“I’m a baby myself a lot,” she told Us Weekly over the summer. “I feel like I’m 32, so definitely I could be thinking about it, but I just still feel like I’m not quite that age yet. There’s a lot of women that feel like that. I don’t know if it’s just [because] I’m so involved in my career.”

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