Steve Burton Confirms He Was Fired At ‘General Hospital’

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General Hospital star Steve Burton confirms his exit from the soap opera. Find out why he was fired from the daytime drama.

Rumors swirl about exit after Jason buried in rubble

On the Friday, November 19, episode of the ABC soap, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was trapped in the rubble after a tunnel collapse. Fans who have been following online gossip about Burton’s future on the show wondered if that was his swan song.

The actor has played the Quartermaine heir since 1991. He briefly left the soap in 2012 to return in 2017. Why did the show fire him?

Steve Burton reveals he was fired from General Hospital

There has been a lot of speculation about whether Steve Burton was staying on the soap. On Tuesday, November 23, he took to his Instagram to share what’s been going on with his followers.

Steve Burton Instagram

After acknowledging “rumors and speculation,” he confirmed that he was “let go” from General Hospital. Why? He didn’t want to comply with the networks vaccine mandate.

ABC is owned by Disney, which has a vaccine mandate in place. GH is the only soap that mandates the coronavirus vaccine. Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and The Beautiful follow social distancing CDC guidelines.

The actor reveals that his application for medical and religious exemptions were denied by the network. His exit is about “personal freedom,” he says.

Second cast member to get the boot – more to come?

Talk of Steve Burton’s future on the show came amid similar rumors that Ingo Rademacher (Jax) was also refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate. The mandate went in effect in early November.

Ingo confirmed his own exit from the soap on November 8. In fact, viewers have seen the last of the actor. His final air date was on Monday, November 22, when Jax left town.

In his video address on Instagram, Steve Burton said that he didn’t know when his final airdate was. However, he did send thanks to his fans for their love and support.

Co-star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) hinted at Steve Burton’s departure on her own social media. She opened up her Twitter to questions from fans, but every time a fan asked about Burton, she evaded the question. Better to ask him, she said.

Does it surprise you that General Hospital fired Steve Burton or did you see it coming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. You got rid of the most valuable actor on the show, we are all entitled to decide for our own bodies and not be mandated. BRING HIM BACK PLEASE. You will probably lose watchers and other actors due to your actions, What you goinna do if one of your vaccinated actors comes down with COVID?

    1. Good-bye. All of you saying vaccinated people still get Covid conveniently omit the fact that those numbers are far, far, far, far, far. far, far, far, far, far, far less than those that are unvaccinated… did you get the “far”? No vaccine us 100% but this is the best defense thus far against contracting and spreading Covid-19. An unvaccinated high school friend was just buried a week ago. He leaves behind many loved ones, family and friends and in the end, the disease could have been less severe and his chance of surviving could have been so much greater had he been vax’d. Keep standing on your soap boxes. One day you may find you are no longer standing and is buried six feet under.l due to Covid.

  2. I support Steve & Ingo. It’s a personal choice. There is a lot of uncertainty with the different brands of this vaccine and that it is not working on all strains and More strains keep coming. It has been proven that even with the vaccine, you can still get & pass COVID. He had it and is back to good health. He has a health food/supplement line he owns, so he knows how to stay healthy. That is why he recovered so quickly. I hope all here stay safe & healthy.

  3. It shows how stupid GH is for letting Jason go he was the best actor they had on there and Nancy Lee Graham should have been the first one to go she gives nothing to the show can’t stand watching her she’s nothing but a cry baby at least Jason gave you something to be on the edge of your seats to watch and make you want to come back to watch and now all
    they have is sonny to watch and he’s losing his edge of the seat watching and Peter there’s no hope for him I mean I love Brando and Sasha but we need somebody who put you on the edge of your seat and Jason out of all these years has been the only one besides sunny that has done that can’t believe they let Jason go

  4. Jason is a really good actor he needs. To come back to GH he sl always kept u in suspense I watched GH every day and if I’m not home I record my shows on the I miss Jason Jason has always been the odds and he always came back we need him back

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