Katie Thurston Confirms Fans’ Suspicions, Reveals New Romance

Katie Thurston via Instagram Pic

The BacheloretteĀ Katie Thurston just concluded her 12 days of messy tribute to Taylor Swift and the men on her season. Yesterday when she should have posted her last song and man, she posted a day one preview and said the name will be Tuesday. True to her word she shared a final song and a huge shocking announcement. Keep reading to find out more.

Katie Thurston confirms fans’ suspicions

On the final day of 12 days of messy, Katie Thurston dropped a bombshell on fans. She went to Instagram to share the big news. The song playing for her video is “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift. It starts out with Katie and a man in a plane facing forward. When the man turns around it is none other than John Hersey.

The video continues with her sitting at the bar watching him bartend. He smiles over at her. The next part is from her season and when she first met John.

It wraps up saying “Day 12 John.”

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

So, it seems fan suspicions that Katie is dating John are true. The news comes just weeks after Katie and Blake Moynes announced they were ending their engagement. Pure speculation but the next question will be, could John be one reason why things ended between Katie and Blake?

Katie and her new man

John has been a key player in Katie’s life for a while now. In fact, rumors flew while her season was airing that John was the final rose winner. Before her big move to California, Katie was seen hanging out at the restaurant that John works at. So, everyone assumed she was with him. Obviously, that wasn’t true.

However, the two began spending more and more time together when she moved out there. In fact, after her split with Blake she even shared a photo of John’s dog saying the dog got her out of the house. They have also had numerous other outings. She’s shared random pics from time to time of her and John on Instagram as well.

Yesterday, prior to the big romance announcement Katie deleted all pics of the other men from her season including Blake. The only pics that remained were of John.

Perhaps now that the cat is out of the bag Katie will share more with fans about when it all started and how it’s going.

What do you think about Katie and John together as a couple?


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