Josh Duggar’s Former Cellmate To Testify At Trial, But Why?

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Josh Duggar‘s previous cellmate, Robert Franklin, will testify at his trial on November 30, according to a recent motion filed. We don’t know exactly why Franklin will testify, however, the family’s fans and critics have begun to speculate about the possible reasons.

For those who don’t know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest son, Josh, was arrested this spring for receiving and possessing child pornography. Now, Josh has declined multiple plea deals and has maintained his innocence. His trial is approaching on November 30, and at that point, the truth will hopefully be brought to light.

Despite the severity of Josh’s charges, his wife, Anna, has stood by his side through it all. She hasn’t issued a statement, but sources claim Anna thinks he’s still innocent. Now, with the trial approaching, new information about the case has emerged. Last week, Josh had a pre-trial hearing, and we learned that Jim Bob Duggar might testify. Now, we have found out that Josh’s former cellmate will testify as well.

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Duggar Snarks speculate why Josh’s cellmate will testify.

In the most recent motion filed in Josh’s case, his former cellmate is listed as a “material witness.” The motion doesn’t reveal specifically why Franklin is set to testify. However, Duggar Snarks have taken to social media to speculate. They think that Josh could have interacted with Franklin in the short time he spent in jail during his latest scandal. During that time, Josh could have revealed a little bit too much information and gotten himself into trouble, critics believe.

One user writes, “I can see Pest asking him what he was in for. Dude admits to a bunch of things, including s*xual assault. Pest probably lit up like a Christmas tree and word vomited his disgusting history and even dude was horrified because who wouldn’t be? CSA is the absolute most disgusting thing there is and what Pest was into was the worst of the worst. I am sure Pest, being the arrogant dumbass he is, overshared and his former cellmate is only too happy to help put a J list celebrity away.”

Another adds, “He’s apparently an expert at saying incriminating things to the wrong people unprompted.” Someone else chimes in, “If this guy was in Pest’s proximity while in jail, he no doubt heard plenty. Pest isn’t the type to keep his mouth shut. If this guy started asking questions, Pest no doubt provided some answers out of boredom and loneliness.”

So, why do you think Josh Duggar’s former cellmate is testifying? Do you think Josh disclosed something to him while he was behind bars temporarily? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates.

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  1. On the other hand, Josh may have stressed that he isn’t guilty and that he never downloaded any porn. Depends on who subpoenaed him. If it was the defense attorneys, then it would be in Josh’s favor. If he was subpoenaed by the prosecutors, it would not be in Josh’s favor.

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