Hannah Brown Says Her Relationship With Alan Bersten Was ‘Volatile’

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Not every Dancing With The Stars star gets along perfectly with their partner. Even though Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten won the Mirrorball Trophy in Season 28, not everything was as perfect as it seems.

Hannah Brown has a new tell-all book out and reveals things actually got quite heated with Alan — and not in a good way. ET had the chance to sit down and talk to Hannah about the book, God Bless This Mess.

Hannah Brown describes her relationship with Alan Bersten as “volatile”

Shortly after Hannah Brown’s journey on The Bachelorette, she split with Jed Wyatt. She also had her share of relationship drama with Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron. Competing on Dancing With The Stars while your love life is in shambles isn’t exactly fun, but Hannah decided to take the chance.

And it wasn’t long before fans began speculating that Hannah and her partner Alan Bersten were romantically involved too.

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“That is a crazy experience,” Hannah told ET. “There’s just a lot of high emotions. Alan will always be a dear friend of mine but in the experience, even he would admit, it could be volatile. We could love each other, hate each other in the next second.”

ET notes that Hannah admits in the memoir that she and Alan definitely weren’t compatible people outside of the dance floor.

“It was either we acted like best friends and true partners, or we couldn’t stand each other,” she writes. “He’d push me too far in rehearsals, and I’d say, ‘Get out of my face. I’m not doing this,’ and he’d say, ‘You’re lazy! You’re not trying!’ While I worked hard and focused on the prize, and concentrated on becoming a better dancer every day, the process itself kept bringing out the worst in me. I was emotionally unwell.”

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She added they argued frequently during their time on the show, even though they did end up winning. Their relationship has dramatically improved since Season 28 ended, however. Hannah rooted for Alan during the most recent DWTS season.

Alan Bersten is known to butt heads with his partners from time to time

Hannah Brown probably isn’t the only one that feels this way about Alan Bersten. His Season 30 partner Amanda Kloots also speaks well of Alan in general, but we saw them argue in recorded packages in the rehearsal room.

But in spite of everything, Hannah doesn’t wish Alan any ill will. They may have had their ups and downs, but it’s nothing but love from the former Bachelorette.

“Overall, I wish him the best, and I know that he does for me too,” she told ET. “…  You don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, and people can make all these narratives. I mean, people thought that we were in a relationship! You have no idea what’s going on.”

Were you surprised to learn about their volatile relationship? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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