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Kody Brown In Dog House With ‘Sister Wives’ Fans: Find Out Why

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Kody Brown has landed himself in the dog house with Sister Wives fans everywhere. What has he said or done that has fans fuming? Keep reading, we’ve got the details.

Kody Brown lands in dog house with fans

Kody Brown has really done it now as he landed in the dog house with Sister Wives fans. As those who watched the Season 16 Premiere of the series last night know, Kody dropped a massive bombshell on his wives. Turns out, he made some pretty big changes to the Coyote Pass build. As we previously reported, his plans were so drastically different from what his wives previously discussed that Meri accused him of manipulating the situation.

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According to Kody Brown, he believes it is only fair that he has his own plot of land and his own house. If each of his wives are getting a piece of property in their name… Doesn’t it make sense for him to have one in his name as well?

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Is he preparing for the worst?

Some Sister Wives fans agree it is a preparation move on his part for when all of his wives leave him. If Kody Brown has no property in his name and all his wives leave him… He is setting himself up with having no where to go. With the way his polygamist lifestyle is continuing to crumble, it makes sense he would want to have a backup plan.

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Sister Wives fans are disgusted by Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans admit Kody Brown revealing he wanted his own land and house the way he did during last night’s episode was what really took the cake. Fans admit they are baffled as to why Kody Brown wants four wives and this lifestyle if he doesn’t want to live with any of them. Most fans have reached a point where they agree all of Kody’s wives need to leave him and move on with their own lives.

Sister Wives fans agree the fact that no one in this family wants to live together speaks volumes about how broken Kody’s entire family is.

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Were you shocked and disgusted by the bombshell Kody Brown dropped on his four wives last night? Do you think he should have his own house on his own plot of land? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

Tune in for new episodes of Sister Wives Season 16 on Sunday nights via TLC. New episodes can also be streamed via Discovery+ early on the day they air on television.

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