What Does Jenna Johnson Think About Her Husband’s ‘DWTS’ Retirement?

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Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy are a Dancing With The Stars power couple. But Val recently announced that Season 30 may very well be his last. What will Jenna do once Val leaves the show?

Jenna Johnson really hopes Val Chmerkovskiy will stick around for future seasons

This is Jenna Johnson’s second season in a row to make it to the finals. Val honestly couldn’t be prouder of her. Many DWTS fans expected that he and his partner Olivia Jade would also make it to the finales, but they left the show the week before the semifinals instead. The Season 30 finale kicks off tonight and you can expect Val to cheer on his talented wife from the sidelines.

But what exactly does the future hold for the two once Season 30 comes to an end?

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Jenna spoke with ET about Val’s possible retirement.

“I hope it’s not [the end]. I think that he is the best male dancer on the show, and I can say that very confidently and proudly,” she said of her husband. “I think that there is a lot more that we haven’t seen from him that I would love to see.”

She added that she hopes he will return for another season, but plans to support his decision no matter what. But even if Val Chermkovskiy retires, we haven’t seen the last of Jenna Johnson.

“I will for sure be back here. It will be different [without him], but I think it would be also awesome,” the 27-year-old dancer said. “I love being able to do different projects from each other that we can support and help each other thrive on. So I know he would be really invested in my season, just like he is now. But I’m not done dancing with my hubby on that floor yet. Not done yet.”

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Before announcing his retirement, Val Chmerkovskiy also admitted he would love to compete with a man in future seasons. Anything is really possible and Val may not make a firm decision until next fall.

There’s a lot at stake at the moment and it all goes down tonight!

But it’s going to be a while before Jenna has to worry about next season. Right now, she has her eye on the Mirrorball Trophy. She and her partner JoJo Siwa stand an excellent chance of winning this year, but they have three other couples to beat before that happens.

“Obviously, I would love to walk away with the trophy for myself and JoJo, but it would mean so much more because it would be a trophy for so many people,” Jenna told Good Morning America in an email. “It would represent that being different is scary, but oh so worth it.”

Don’t forget to watch Jenna and her partner JoJo Siwa compete for the Mirrorball Trophy. Catch the exciting season finale at 8 PM eastern time on ABC!


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