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Kody Brown Drops Bombshell On His Wives

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Kody Brown dropped a major bombshell on his wives during the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives. What was the bombshell? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Warning: Spoilers from the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives!

Kody Brown drops bombshell on his wives

Christine Brown was shocked when Kody revealed he had finally reached out to a surveyor to get the ball rolling. She admits she’s asked him repeatedly to reach out to someone so they could plot out the land and start building. Finally, he called someone out and they went over things. But, Kody dropped a bit of a bombshell on all four of his lives when he revealed they were actually plotting out five different lots.

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Turns out, Kody Brown wanted his own house on the property as well. He explained that if each of his wives are going to have and own a house… It only made sense for him to have and own a house as well.

The bombshell came with a fair amount of aftermath as this was the first time Kody had ever mentioned wanting to plot a space of land for him to build his own house on. His wives just assumed he would continue to bounce between the four wives while spending most of his time with Robyn.

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His wives have mixed feelings on this bombshell

Kody Brown’s wives have pretty mixed feelings about Kody having his own house. Robyn noted it was “silly.” Christine also didn’t think the idea made a lot of sense. Janelle seemed to be unbothered by the idea as she doesn’t really want Kody spending too much time at her house anyway. Meri Brown, who doesn’t have much of a relationship with Kody these days, also didn’t seem to have much of an opinion on Kody getting his own house.

SW Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

What Meri Brown didn’t really understand, however, was why the pond seemed to be such a big deal. She admitted she wanted nothing to do with the pond. She also thought the idea of swimming in it was gross.

Did Kody Brown’s bombshell surprise you? Do you understand why he would want his own house? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

The Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives airs tonight only on TLC. Or, you can stream new episodes the same day they air as Discovery+ drops new episodes in the morning on the day they air.

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  1. He’s a spoiled child .Stop getting extensions and grow t h up .how about YOU paying for all their houses ,and MAYBE build a two bedroom cabin without a pond .Water without a high fence and lock can be fatal.He is not the type to tend to it ,he’ll just look at it ,Maybe stock it .Maybe .Ugh

  2. Kody needs a hair cut and attitude adjustment. He has gone from bad to worse. Wives r getting the message and moving on except for maybe Robyn. Sorry for all the kids.

  3. I never understood the financial situation with Cody and his wives does Kody have any money of his own does he have a job or does he pimp his wives out and take a portion of their money help to clear this up cuz I really don’t know where the money is coming from and how the finances work out how do they split up the homes how do for food for each house I don’t understand any of these finances

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