Christine Brown Throws Massive Shade At Kody

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Christine Brown didn’t hold back in the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives as she started throwing major shade at her husband Kody. The TLC star had some sassy quips as she didn’t hold back the verbal punches she threw at her husband. What type of shade did she dish out at her husband Kody? Keep reading, we’ll explain?

Warning: Spoilers from the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives!

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Christine Brown throws massive shade at Kody

Kody Brown revealed his desire to have his own home after calling a surveyor out to move forward with plotting out the property. He dropped a bombshell on his wives as they had no idea he wanted his own house. Christine Brown tossed a bit of shade at her husband referring to him as a dog.

Addressing the fact that Kody wanted to build his own home on the property, Christine was quick to clarify what Kody wanted to build was actually a “doghouse.”

Christine Brown was quick to note it was a Freudian slip. She meant to say he wanted his own house. She corrected himself while cracking up the whole time.

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Sister Wives fans are here for sassy Christine

On RedditSister Wives fans urged Christine to “preach.” They were here for her snarky and sassy quips at her husband. Here’s some of what Sister Wives fans had to say about Christine’s snarky responses.

  • “He can’t handle someone else getting a laugh. He does not have that easy, quick wit and he’s jealous.”
  • “Kody is threatened, because he wants to be the funny one, but she’s much funnier than him.”
  • “This episode was good. I’m excited for this season. And Christine and Meri are on point with their commentary.”
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Many fans noted that Christine Brown wasn’t alone in her snide comments. Meri Brown also came for Kody with several snarky comments during the Season 16 Premiere.

Meri Brown, for example, made a snarky comment when she noted she couldn’t say Kody never comes to visit at her house. But, she admits that it is exceedingly rare for him to pay her a visit. She, however, isn’t bothered by that.

Did you catch all of the shade Christine Brown was slinging at her husband Kody in the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

The Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives airs tonight only on TLC. Or, you can stream new episodes the same day they air as Discovery+ drops new episodes in the morning on the day they air.

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