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Lilah Roloff’s Face Gets Near Open Flame In Tori’s Latest Video

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Lilah Roloff is living life on the edge. The now two-year-old little girl appears to be fearless and didn’t hesitate to get too close to an open flame in a recent video from Tori Roloff. Read on to get all of the details about what happened.

Most of the time, Tori is able to avoid mom-shamers, and most fans think she’s a great mom. She typically does a good job of keeping her kids safe, fans think. However, in a recent video, she didn’t notice that Lilah was getting a little too close to an open flame and could have seriously hurt herself. Despite this, Tori posted the video online for fans to see.

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Lilah Roloff gets close to an open flame.

As we reported, Lilah celebrated her second birthday on Friday, November 19. In one snap, Tori showed Lilah with her Minnie Mouse birthday cake. Proud big brother Jackson is sitting beside her. Along with one of the photos, Tori revealed, “She was concerned that her cake was on fire.”

During Lilah’s birthday celebration this week, the young girl decided to get very close to her lit candles when it was time to blow them out. Meanwhile, Tori continued to film the whole thing.

Though Lilah appears to be concerned about the cake being on fire, she isn’t too worried about it. The toddler puts her face super close to the open flames while attempting to blow out her candles. From the photos, it doesn’t look like anyone but four-year-old Jackson is sitting beside her to make sure she stays safe. Tori appears to be across the table from Lilah and Jackson, recording the potentially dangerous moment. It’s unclear where dad Zach is, but he isn’t in these snaps.

Nonetheless, Lilah manages to safely blow out her birthday candles and move on to the other birthday festivities. Fortunately, she didn’t hurt herself being so close to the open flame. It definitely could have ended differently. It looks like Lilah was spoiled by her family on her special day. She seemed very happy to receive all kinds of presents from her parents and brother.

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So, do the snaps of Lilah Roloff’s face so close to the open flame worry you? Do you think her parents should have done something differently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. It’s no ones concern but Lilah’s mother. When did it become ok someone else’s parenting skills?? If you are such a perfect parent tend to your children, post it and let others judge.

  2. Tori as much as we love seeing pictures of your beautiful kids I hate to see you get negative responses from the know it all parents or people that don’t have kids! I have 3 kids..9 grandkids..and 2 great grandkids and there is NO such thing as a perfect parent! Forget about social media and just be the good person that you show us that you are on the show! Good luck!

    1. I agree with you. Are those who are so critical perfect parents 24/7? Thank goodness I didn’t have FB or Instagram to document of error I made as a parent!

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