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Is Jax Taylor’s Dreams Of Being A Children’s Author Already Crushed?

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Jax Taylor appears to be a triple threat these days. The Vanderpump Rules alum went from reality TV gold to a movie producer. Now, he wants to release a children’s book. However, his dreams could get crushed if Pump Rules fans have anything to do with it.

In December 2020, Jax and his wife Brittany Cartwright announced their departure from the Bravo show. They claimed that they had to make a difficult decision. Yet, rumors suggested that the network quietly fired them from the show. Their exits came six months after the Vanderpump Rules firings.

Former reality star announces his children’s book

Jax Taylor just announced that he’s writing a children’s book. This news received backlash from fans who are aware of his controversial comments. The television personality made homophobic, transphobic, and racist comments in the past. VPR fans called for Jax’s firing for years because of it.

They finally got justice late last year. Those same critics feel that Jax shouldn’t get any other gigs because of his past. He told Access Hollywood that he’s been working on a children’s book that’s inspired by his father, who passed away in 2017. Jax and Brittany addressed their new lives outside the show.

“Not just any book, I did a children’s book,” Jax Taylor said, as quoted by The Sun. “I was extremely close to my dad.”

[Credit: Jax Taylor/Instagram]
[Credit: Jax Taylor/Instagram]
He also sought inspiration from his relationship with his son, Cruz. Brittany and Jax welcomed their first son earlier this year. Jax calls the book a “love letter” to his son. It’s a project that he’s “proud” of working on. He explained that the book is “about what an amazing man he was and how I plan on raising my son like how my father raised me.”

The children’s book is scheduled for release next summer. Fans aren’t happy to hear this news. They already took to social media to boycott it. Others slammed Jax for trying to make another comeback.

Jax Taylor slammed for his new project

Vanderpump Rules fans took to Reddit to discuss his new venture. They slammed the TV star for promoting his children’s book. One fan joked that Jax Taylor “will never be the #1 guy in a library.” Another added that he needed the money to pay off his taxes.

“This is just so off base and out of touch with reality I can’t believe anybody thought this was even remotely a good idea,” a third fan added.

Jax Taylor has been making headlines for his financial troubles. He used to be the high-paid cast member on the Pump Rules cast. He used to make $25,000 per episode. Before his departure, Jax reportedly had money issues and owed over a million dollars in outstanding tax liens.

[Credit: Brittany Cartwright/Instagram]
[Credit: Brittany Cartwright/Instagram]
The former bartender whose real name is Jason Michael Cauchi has unpaid taxes that go back to 2014. He owes $23,000 from that tax period alone. In 2018, the former cast member added another $198,190 in federal taxes to his outstanding balance. Jax owes the IRS up to $1.2 million, which could continue to climb.

What are your thoughts on Jax Taylor releasing a children’s book? Would you buy it for your kid? Sound off below in the comments.

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  1. I would have to see the book to make an judgement…Jax like all the rest of us is made of good and bad…I hope he is in a growth period and able to be the responsible father and husband that is needed…..Wish their family the best.

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