‘Y&R:’ Things To Know About New Chance Chancellor Conner Floyd

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Y&R is gearing up for the return of Chance Chancellor. However, he’s going to look a little different once again. Conner Floyd will take over the role of Chance from actor Donny Boaz who was fired last year. In February 2020, Donny announced that he is no longer part of the CBS soap.

It is no secret that soaps love to make casting changes. Boaz quickly learned that after he took on the role in 2019. He took on a role that about 10 actors played before him. Viewers loved his portrayal of Chance, including his onscreen chemistry with Melissa Ordway’s Abby Newman.

Conner Floyd replaces Donny Boaz

Y&R alum Donny Boaz shocked fans when he announced his departure from the show. His final scene aired on February 1, 2021. In his Instagram post, Boaz claimed the producers told him his character was “NOT being replaced or killed off.” Yet, viewers did wonder if it was the end for Chance and Abby.

It’s unclear why Boaz was fired from the show. He seemed to have left on good terms. The Friday Night Lights alum thanked the creators and fans for their support. Boaz also called Ordway “one of the greatest actresses I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

[Credit: Conner Floyd/Instagram]
[Credit: Conner Floyd/Instagram]
Despite his claims, Boaz has been replaced. Conner Floyd is the new Chance Chancellor on Y&R. The actor has an impressive list of credits, including A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane, Holy S***, Mary!, and Malicious Motives. Floyd has also appeared in many of the short films he wrote himself.

It’ll be the first time that he’s worked on a soap. Floyd took to Instagram to share his excitement over the iconic role. He revealed that he couldn’t “thank [CBS] and [The Young and the Restless] enough for the opportunity.” Floyd concluded his message by teasing his debut in Genoa City.

Y&R star Melissa Ordway teases Connor Floyd as the new Chance Chancellor

Melissa Ordway already teased this major Y&R spoiler. She couldn’t keep the news to herself. The actress took to her Instagram Story to share a snapshot with her onscreen husband. They sure make a good-looking couple.

It’ll be interesting to see if Ordway and Floyd have the same on-screen chemistry. “Welcome to Genoa City @connerfloyd @youngandrestlesscbs,” Ordway captioned the post. Once the Y&R news leaked, Ordway took to her Instagram feed to announce that Chance Chancellor is still alive. The couple will be reunited soon and it will feel so good.

[Credit: Melissa Ordway/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Melissa Ordway/Instagram Stories]
It’s always a shock when a new actor takes on a historic role. However, this confirms that Donny Boaz’s role went to someone else. Conner Floyd is officially the new Chance Chancellor on Y&R.

Abby’s wishes will finally come true. She’ll get to have the marriage and family life that she desperately wanted. Also, her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her all this time. Abby knew Chance was still alive, and she was right.

What are your thoughts? Will you miss Boaz’s portrayal of Chance? Are you glad to see Chance back? Sound off below in the comments.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. I WILL MISS THE THE OTHER ONE DANNY BOAZ BUT IF THEY AREN’T BRINGING HIM BACK i am glad giving someone else the role and this one is handsome to so he will fit in.

  2. I don’t like that Donny Boaz is being replaced. He is a great actor and the fans love him. Plus the chemistry between he & Melissa was off the charts. However, I’m glad the writers have seen fit to give Abby back her husband. This storyline has gone on way too long. And PLEASE can they be give some peace and happiness for more then a month!

  3. Sad Donny Boaz is gone but, better things are out there for him. I’ll give Floyd 100% and no judgment or comparison. Hopefully they’ll come up with better writing for him! Maybe Chance can peel back this acrid onion that is the Ashland/Adam/Victor scam! It would be a nice place to start!

  4. The best Chance was John Driscoll who played the role about 10 years ago. He was perfect having actual military experience! I always wished he’d return. He was a good actor&handsome with All American looks that suited the role

  5. I am glad the missing Chance saga is coming to an end. I feel it was dragging on a bit long. I really liked Boaz playing the roll but I’m sure Connor Floyd will fit in just fine.

  6. Sad that Boaz was replaced because he had great chemistry with Ordway. However, I am glad that the writers decided to bring Chance back. It will be nice to see Abby finally have a happily ever after for once!

    1. I Have To Agree With Christina… BBB Bring Boaz Back… Him And Abby Had Great Chemistry Plus He Is Very Dreamy… BBB…

      1. Hi : I just wanted to say that I don’t know why Donny Boaz was fired as Chance on the Young & the Restless, but I was a huge fan! He made the story lines interesting and very believable & his on set chemistry with Melissa Ordway was wonderful!! He will be missed.
        On a happier note I’m glad that Melissa is getting her husband back. Please leave them alone and let them be happy! I find all the couples having issues hard to take and give Jack a new and lasting love interest.

  7. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY (young and RESTLESS) did this. I was crazy about Danny Boaz and
    he was EXCELLENT as Chance. This makes me angry and it sis hard to see this new guy in there as he
    does not hold a candle to Danny Boaz. His acting is so so and there does not seem to be any chemistry as they just look at each other. Danny was so good and so perfect. Bring him back as he had way to many fans who adored him. PLEASE!

  8. OMG! The chemistry is fantastic and he is one good looking guy.. Really liking the new chance.. emotional non-verbal is the best ever

  9. Donny Boaz was the perfect Chance and I regret that he was replaced. I have heard that Eric Braeden didn’t care for his political views which is horrible to get him fired. Isn’t this America where we have free speech?? That said, Connor Floyd seems like a good replacement but just wish it hadn’t happened.

  10. Sorry, not a fan of Connor as Chance. There’s an awkwardness and lack of fluidness to his portrayal in the role. With such intense issues, he doesn’t have an authentic way he delivers or responds to the storyline. Not sensing chemistry with any fellow characters.

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