‘Unexpected’: When Will Season 5 Premiere?

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The last episode of Unexpected aired on TLC back in May. So fans have clearly been eager to find out if and when Season 5 would premiere. Now, not only is there a set date but the cast has been revealed. Three girls are returning and two newbies will be gracing the screens. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until next year to see what drama will ensue. Until then, take a look at the five couples.

Who’s Returning To Unexpected

According to Starcasm, here is what you can expect from Unexpected. Tyra Boisseau has been on the series since Season 3. She was very much in young love with her baby daddy, Alex but equally loved cheerleading. This dream was sidelined when she got pregnant. However, she attempted to reclaim it in college. Unfortunately, her desire to live a college life caused a lot of scrutiny from viewers who believed she was a bad mother. They did not feel she was as hands-on as she could have been. Her relationship with Alex also became very up and down/on and off.

Credit: Tyra Boisseau IG
Credit: Tyra Boisseau IG

Earlier this year, it seemed they were giving it another go. This season, Tyra is attempting to deal with her relationship with Alex. She also has a pregnant cousin and sister to contend with. On to Lilly Bennett who was on the very first season of the series with then-boyfriend, James. Fast forward to now and she is happily in love with her fiance, Lawrence. The two are prepping to move in together after she flees the coop of living with her mom.

Finally, Jenna Ronan joined the cast last season. She got pregnant from her high school boyfriend, Aden when he lied about how women get pregnant. Not wanting to use protection, he told her men can ovulate just like women. They ended up with a son, Luca. This season, Jenna is still trying to make it work as she comes from a broken home. As of October, the couple was still together, despite the lies. So, who is new to the cast?

Meet The New Girls And Find Out The Premiere Date

Two new girls are joining the cast. First off is Emersyn Potter. She is eighteen from Washington. Along with her boyfriend, Mason, they are dealing with her overbearing and strict mother. At the same time, Mason is definitely not ready to become a father. Ultimately, their son Mateo was born over the summer.

Credit: Emersyn Potter Facebook
Credit: Emersyn Potter Facebook

Lastly, is Kylen Smith. She is seventeen and pregnant with her first baby. Kylen is learning how to grow up super fast now that she will be a mother. It is even harder with her boyfriend, Jason as he is beyond confident. The two welcomed a baby boy, Xavier in August. Yet, it has not been smooth sailing as Jason has been under investigation for physical abuse allegations. Will this be addressed or noted in the upcoming season?

So, when does Season 5 of Unexpected start? It will return to TLC on March 6, 2022. So, a little over four months to go. Are you excited about the new season? Let us know in the comments below.


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