Carlin Bates Backpedals After Airing Family’s Offensive ‘Dirty Laundry’

UPtv YouTube (Carlin Bates)

As we reported, Carlin Bates shared a disturbing video of her family online. Now, Bringing Up Bates fans are urging UPtv to cancel the series. Read on to find out what’s going on with the Bates family and what Carlin has to say about it.

On Friday evening, at a family gathering, Carlin took a video of her siblings playing charades. In the video, Lawson acts out the “hunting” card by “shooting” one of his little brothers. In the background, another brother calls out “George Floyd.” It’s unclear who said it, but fans assume it’s Nathan, Warden, or Trace Bates.

Stewart Family Youtube, Bringing Up Bates, Carlin Evan Stewart
Stewart Family Youtube

After the video was posted online, fans began calling for the family’s show to be canceled. Carlin removed the video pretty quickly, likely due to all of the backlash online. Fans also claim that they are contacting UPtv and some of the Bates family’s sponsors in response to the video.

Carlin Bates Instagram

Carlin Bates apologizes but misses the mark in a big way.

After Carlin removed the video from her Instagram page, she replied to some fans with an apology message. At this time, she hasn’t posted this publicly but sent it to several fans who had messaged her. In her message, she apologizes for “not paying closer attention to background content.” She says she is “deeply sorry for any grievance caused or offense taken by the story.” So, she doesn’t necessarily apologize for what was said.

You can read her full apology below. On Reddit, the UPtv star is being called out for not truly apologizing for what happened. Fans think she issued a pretty tone-deaf apology and only because she was called out for the video she posted.


Fans are also convinced that the apology was written by someone else. Some are pointing out that Carlin’s social media posts often contain grammatical errors, and this one includes more complex language than she typically uses.

Carlin Bates Instagram

It’s not clear, at this point, what will happen next. It’s possible that Carlin and the rest of the family will be affected by this video being posted online. Though Carlin has taken down the video, you can watch it here.

So, what do you think of the Bringing Up Bates family’s video? Do you think Carlin Bates’ apology message is sufficient? Let us know in the comments section below.

For more news about the Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

disturbing content via Carlin’s IG story tonight — someone yells “George Floyd” during charades
by u/Practical-Pianist-50 in BringingUpBates

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  1. People. Get over things are said by mistake apologies were said drop it and get on with your life instead of not picking other people. Take a look at your own life and quit judging others.

    1. This knee-jerk cancel culture needs to stop! All these people calling for their show to be cancelled should have to have cameras following them around and recording everything they say. Nobody is perfect and the Bates are no exception — that doesn’t
      make them bad people,

    2. Just tonight I was talking about sickle cell and my husband asked exactly what it was. I started telling him about someone I went to high school with and that it usually effects black people. While telling him about it I said the boy was in the hospital a lot . Other people there started yelled at me because I used boy in reference to him. I was like give me a break. But using George Floyd’s name I agree was worse everyone needs to stop crucifying people. There is to much hate going on in the world today . They’re days I just want to never leave my house anymore .

    3. I completely agree. We are only human. I do not believe the show should be canceled over something said like that. Someone make a mistake and said that it’s time to move on!!!! If we can not ne forgiving the what have we learned from Floyd’s death? Time to move on people. They are a great show this family is incredible so what someone said it get over it!

  2. I am not saying what was said is right because it is not that being said we all make mistakes and say things we should not. People are to quick to condemn others there is not anyone alive who has said something they should not have.

  3. People…leave this family alone. They are a great family and wish the world had more like them, What a better place this would be! Has no one ever made a mistake they wish they could take back. All of you who are judging and trying to hurt this family should take a good look at themselves….Most of the stuff on TV is..well so wrong and this is who you choose to remove? PLEASE DON’T!

  4. An apology was made. We ALL make mistakes. People need to stop being so offended about everything. I love the show & hope it continues for many years. It’s good clean wholesome entertainment. No foul language no nudity no criminal actions no violence. KEEP IT ON!!!

  5. The fact that Lawson and Trace were at the Jan 6 insurrection, with no apologies for their attendance as well as what took place, this incident affirms what they are not, good Christians.

    1. Christians aren’t perfect.We make mistakes The View has the filthyest women on tv and nothing is said.We are humans and we all fall short of the glory of Godzilla

    2. A good Christian is many things. Knowing the family on T.V. is not knowing the family when the cameras are turned off. The show is not scripted, but sometimes people will be people. They have opinions and thoughts just like everyone does. I would think it is better to be out with things rather than hide them! The reference to George Floyd was regrettable, and certainly should be apologized for but canceling a whole show is way over the top. That is when it becomes vengeance and not grace that is applied.
      The incident with Mr. Floyd was wrong and should not have happened, but it can be punished. This is not the same thing and an apology is enough!

  6. I enjoy keeping up with the Bates! There was only one perfect person in all of history! Jesus! So instead of expecting everyone on this show to be perfect just realize they are human just like the rest of us! Get over yourselves and leave them alone. We ALL make mistakes! It’s one of the only shows I watch!

  7. It was a guess in a Charades game. PERIOD!! Why make it something just because of the guess given?? My goodness people.

  8. It was wrong to say what they did, but people are making a big deal out of it. Who really cares…let it go more important things to worry about.

  9. I think all this crap is getting so blown out of proportion. You really can’t even have free press or free speech anymore because you may offend somebody. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s sad how harshly people judge others.

  10. I have watched the Bates since they came on tv. Before the youngest was even born. I LOVED them But I’m so diappointed in them. After seeing Gil Bates give a sermon saying u dont want a woman who talks too much or has opinions or doesn’t listen to her husband ARE U KIDDING ME then the insurrection and now this. Its not just a comment. Get rid of them. I’m done..and the apology was crap

  11. Why should the show be cancelled? This was not part of the show’s content. In this day and age where we can all put ourselves on trial by posting our mistakes on social media, this is a teachable moment for us all, not just for the Bates family. All people make mistakes. Wise people learn from them.

  12. The cancel culture needs to grow up already. They are the ones sitting on the couch eating potato chips refusing to work but think they have control over anything

  13. It was a guess in a game. I don’t see any reason to cancel the show or claim that they are not good christians. Carlin apologized on behalf of the Bates! There is no need for each of the Bates, that were there, to apologize. They are a sweet loving christian family and I will continue to watch them!!!

  14. I feel that people have nothing better to do than sit around and try to destroy others. I’m sure if Carlin, knew something offensive was said, she would never had posted it. She apologized!! Accept it and move on, instead of blowing this out of proportion. I pray Bringing Up Bates doesn’t get canceled, or Carlin, gets kicked off. Go pick on the real problem channels!!

    1. It was a guess at a family game night. So you people yelling to cancel have never had a politically incorrect answer yelled out at a game night or gathering??? If you say yes you are lying, everything is incorrect to someone.
      This family is just a family of flawed individuals just like everyone else.. But they try to do their best.
      So weird that all the movie stars or other famous people do horrible things but you still go to the movies to watch them and not yell cancel them. This is absolutely rediculous!

  15. Cancel culture is pure EVIL!! It’s sad that you can’t even say a person’s name without some evil person twisting it into something bad. It’s also sad that people are ok with ruining a lot of lives over the mistake of one person. The ones pushing to cancel the show, are the real bullies now. Social media is nothing but a platform for bullying!! That has to stop! People are committing suicide over social media bullying and no one is saying anything about that. I wish these people would actually put their time and effort into something that really matters. The world would be a better place for it!

  16. Floyd was a grown man who should have listened to the cops but no he did not cause he didn’t wanna go to jail. He knew he was in the wrong. He was hopped up on drugs his heart couldn’t take it anymore. He was in the wrong as was the cop

  17. It’s time to move on. Leave the Bates family alone. They made a mistake they are only human. Get over it. Floyd was a grown man who knew he was in the wrong. But no he continued to disobey be combative he was on drugs has a bad record. He should have stopped fighting the cop but he was someone who thought he was owed something an his family took advantage of the situation they got all the money and they don’t care now. Had Floyd done what the cops told him he’d be alive now. Had he no been a drug addict he would be alive now. Had he not been a trouble maker he’d be alive now. He didn’t care what the cops were saying he felt he was in titled they all do

  18. Ridiculous! The media is simply trying to find someway to get a good clean wholesome television series removed from the air. In the words of Don Henley “get over it!“ As a matter of fact if this offends you maybe you need to look up the song get over it and think about the words for a while.

  19. My personal opinion, is that the writer aubrey, something, so irrelevant, I can’t remember her last name, is on a witch hunt for the Bates, and Duggars, Go find some other celebrity to harass. Your post is stupid.

  20. Grow up people and get a life. Everyone has different opinions & as of right now Americans have a right to free speech! If you don’t like them then don’t watch! There are enough other shows you can watch!

  21. Please get over yourself and stop virtue signaling! The Bates family are a wonderful, real family that do not deserve this type of hype and criticism. Carlin apologized for posting the video. So let it go. The family’s other posts and tv show are beyond reproach.

  22. Why do people proceed Christians that worship can not make an error? Please remember the one & only perfect person was placed & died for our sins.

    If only the perfect people worshiped the church would be empty. Let’s remember when we point to someone, there are 3 fingers pointing to us.

    BUB’s still one of cleanest shows on television. Are you sure what scene wasn’t from Cabel & Aaron? Or other Biblical stories.

    I dare everyone to try doing this for two consecutive days no judgement, no gossip, no bullying (under laws on bullying-isn’t this what you are doing to Carlin. Greet people with happiness. Help someone, even if is putting groceries on aisle for stranger IF YOU FAIL ANY PART OF THE DAY, YOU MUST ADD ONE MORE DAY. The logic, the more practice – the easier it gets.

  23. It wasn’t done to start a fight or to cancel a show. In games especially charade’s you yell out many of things. These are good Godly people family. I’ve watched them since they first came on UPtv. It’s also a family show. No family is perfect. Heck I know mine’s now. So don’t judge people.

  24. Remember this is a family that had people show up to the treasonous insurrection on Jan 6. They are garbage and they have no concept of Jesus or his ways apart from lip service. They all should be cancelled.

  25. This is a great family!! You detractors need to look in the mirror. Do you see a perfect person? No? Then shut up!!!

  26. It would be so unfair to cancel the show just because one family member said something off the top of his head that was disrespectful. It does not mean the whole family is like that just because one person said the wrong thing in the background. Give me a break! The show has a whole lot more good in it than bad and to take it off the air would be wrong!

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