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‘Addicted To Marriage’: Monette Getting Married For The 12th Time?

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TLC’s latest guilty pleasure, Addicted To Marriage, premiered Tuesday night. It introduced viewers to four women hoping to get married one more time. Collectively, they have walked down the aisle twenty times. Monette holds the title for eleven marriages. Now, she is looking to make her boyfriend John hubby number twelve. Is that about to happen?

Monette Is Definitely Addicted To Marriage

Getting married was something Monette felt she had to do, mainly to be intimate with the men she was dating. Having been raised Mormon, she did not want to be thrown out of the church. Her first husband was her high school sweetheart and it lasted ten years. The second one she married twice so technically, he was also her third. She did the same with her sixth husband, as well. Her fourth had kids she loved but it did not last so onto number five who she really did love. Number eight was a whirlwind with nine being a bad boy. Ten was a childhood friend and eleven shan’t be discussed.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Ultimately, she has been proposed to over twenty-eight times. Even her daughter, Mercedes cannot remember the names of all of her husbands. She would write diaries with the names of her stepfathers and the locations of where they were, just to keep track. Now, her mom is with John. They have been together for a handful of years and he is almost perfect for her as he said “I love you” after three days.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

However, the preview for the rest of the season shows a struggle between the two of them. Though she wants to get married again, the passion is not there between the two anymore. Therefore, it makes her question if they can remain together. Are the two going to walk down the aisle or is he running for the hills?

Monette’s Uncertain Future

It is still unknown what will happen with Monette and John. Firstly, she is not shy about her past or how many times she has been married. While she and Mercedes were at the nail salon, the tech asked if it would be her second marriage, Monette said no. It would be her twelfth. The tech noted maybe it was not the men she chose but rather Monette’s issues with herself.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

John does address she needs to work on her relationship issues before she can have a healthy one. Secondly, Monette says she thrives as a single woman. Moreso, she admits the longest she has been alone is two months. She needs to learn how to be happy within herself before she can truly be happy with any man, including John.

Will they be able to resolve their issues and find happily ever after for the twelfth time? Find out when Addicted To Marriage airs Tuesday nights on TLC.


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