Is TLC Getting Ready To DUMP ‘Sister Wives’ & The Brown Family?!

Sister Wives/YouTube

Is TLC getting ready to DUMP Sister Wives and the Brown family? Keep reading to find out what has fans wondering about the future of the reality show.

Tensions run high in the Brown family during Season 16 trailer

We are mere days away from the highly anticipated premiere of Sister Wives Season 16. The previous season was full of drama as some of Kody Brown’s wives expressed unhappiness. In fact, things got so bad that fans worried the show wouldn’t return at all.

'Sister Wives' Brown family via YouTube
Sister Wives’ Brown family via YouTube

However, TLC is bringing Brown family back for another season. And none of the drama has been resolved. In fact, stress levels are higher than ever as filming was done at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Viewers will see Kody Brown struggle with his wives while also battling COVID. We know that at least one of his relationships didn’t make it.

Christine Brown announced earlier this month that she was leaving the plural family and moving to Utah. Some of the tensions among the family had been her desire to move to Utah while the others wanted to stay in Arizona and build on the Coyote Pass land.

Is TLC Getting Ready To DUMP Sister Wives?!

Is TLC getting ready to DUMP Sister Wives like Christine dumped Kody? Fans are questioning if the network is trying to distance itself from the Browns.

On Wednesday, November 18, the official TLC Twitter account posted a promo for an upcoming discovery plus special. The documentary explores the downfall of popular clothing company LuLaRoe.

The discovery plus Original program comes on the heels of Amazon Prime’s exposé LuLaRich.

The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe premieres exclusively on discovery plus on Monday, December 13.

What’s so odd about TLC promoting the documentary? Sister Wives star Meri Brown is one of the biggest sellers and defenders of the controversial company. In fact, she made a lengthy post on her Instagram recently about her love for the company.

Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram
Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram

Christine Brown used to also work for LuLaRoe but seems to have dropped the multi-level marketing company amid the Amazon Prime documentary.

Lula Roe logo via YouTube
Lula Roe logo via YouTube

Fans Speculate Christine Brown won’t be the only wife to leave

Sister Wives fans aren’t sure about the Brown family’s future with TLC. However, they often speak out in support of the idea of a spin-off starring Christine Brown.

At this point, it’s unclear if Christine is the only one of the four wives to leave the plural family. Viewers will likely get more insight into her decision once the show returns.

Season 16 of Sister Wives returns to TLC on Sunday, November 21. It will likely be available early for discovery plus subscribers.

Check back with us for updates on the entire Brown family.

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