Did Meri Brown Just Officially Split From Kody?!

Meri Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans rejoiced thinking Meri Brown finally made her split from Kody official. The TLC personality has a huge — and poetic — message for her Instagram followers this morning. A message that came attached to a gorgeous selfie of herself.

In the comments, Sister Wives fans celebrated. Was this it? Was this Meri Brown’s official split from Kody? Was she following behind Christine and dumping him?

Sister Wives - Meri - Christine - Kody - Janelle- Robyn - Brown
Sister Wives – Meri – Christine – Kody – Janelle- Robyn – Brown

Anonymous source revealed Kody and Meri fake it for the cameras

As we previously reported, an anonymous source revealed Meri and Kody Brown just fake having a relationship for a camera. The source insisted Meri and Kody only get together long enough to film. When filming is over, Meri bails and returns to living her own life.

If what the source says is true, Christine wasn’t really the first to leave Kody. She was just the first to go public with her decision. Based on what the source had to say, fans assume Meri and Kody just fake a relationship to continue to receive a paycheck from TLC.

Sister Wives meri Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives Meri Brown – Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans celebrate: Did Meri Brown finally split from Kody?

Meri Brown had a lot to say on Instagram this morning. Turns out, she had something big she wanted to share with her followers.

“So there’s this thing I’ve been implementing in my life over the past few years,” she explained.

Meri continued: “When I feel something, say it, do it, or show it. Sometimes I actually follow through, sometimes I get in my head and don’t.”

Her Instagram post was VERY long as she continued to be raw and real with her followers. Some of her followers, however, didn’t read much of the post before rushing to the comments. Was she finally making her split from Kody Brown official?

Meri Brown Instagram

One fan penned in a comment liked over a dozen times: “Hun, I thought u were going to say you are leaving…. sending you love.”

“We Dont actually now anything about their lives, so its funny people always make assumptions cause what a reality show shows us! But u just said what most people assumed,” a second fan chimed in responding to the comment above.

A third chimed in: “You’re so loved here in Brazil. Why don’t you leave Kody ? I think you’ll much happier with a different man who treat you like a queen as you deserved. Hugs from Brazil.”

Meri Brown rarely discusses her personal life

Now, Meri Brown rarely discusses her personal life. Fans assume it is largely because of her contract with TLC. But, Meri Brown has also firmly believed she wasn’t obligated to share her personal life with people despite being part of a reality TV show. So, if she did decide to leave Kody (or if she already had), it might not be something she would ever share on social media.

Do you understand why Sister Wives fans thought Meri Brown officially split from Kody? Do you think she will ever actually leave him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

The Sister Wives Season 16 Premiere airs this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET only on TLC.

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  1. I think in plural marriage kody should treat all his wives the same meri gone Christine gone . Janelle should go next as everyone not got a look in with robyn always up his butt an his favourite . Wrong so wrong

  2. Meri became a second class citizen of their marriage when kody divorced her for Robins kids. I saw the writing on the wall then. She is much to loving for Kody and his horrible actions.

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