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‘Love Island UK:’ Molly Mae Shocks Instagram With Nude Bodysuit

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Love Island UK alum Molly Mae managed to break Instagram. She posted new photos of herself wearing just a nude bodysuit. At first, she looked as if she was posing in the buff. The model rolled around in a white snowy background for a new sexy photoshoot. This comes just hours after her secret surgery.

In one photo, Molly stands confidently in the nude bodysuit that perfectly matches her tanned skin. If you quickly glance at the photo, you’ll assume that she’s standing in the nude. Upon a second look, you’ll notice that she’s wearing a stretchy bodysuit, which she later pairs with a cream-colored turtleneck shrug.

Love Island UK star has a massive following

Love Island UK alum Molly Mae has an impressive following on Instagram. She has over 6.2 million followers and counting. Not bad for appearing on a reality show that’s focused on finding the love of your life. Every time Molly shares a photo on Instagram, it will get plenty of attention.

Most of the time, the blonde beauty loves to post photos of her #OOTD. She rocks a lot of chic and effortless looks. Molly has become a fashion influencer in her own right. But there are times when she’ll post a hot photo of her incredible physique.

Molly Mae shares photos of herself wearing a nude bodysuit

The Love Island UK star took to her Instagram Stories to share the hot new photos. In the first photo, the 22-year-old posed against a Christmassy background. Molly Mae stood confidently in her nude bodysuit. It almost looked as if she accidentally dropped a nude photo of herself.

The bodysuit shows off her strong arms and curvy hips. Molly wore her signature blonde hair in a low ponytail with the sides draped over her face. In her post, she revealed that she’s “proud” of how this photoshoot turned out.

[Credit: Molly Mae/Instagram]
[Credit: Molly Mae/Instagram]
“I’m so proud of this shoot. It was literally just a couple of days after my endometriosis operation and my amazing team and I managed to shoot the dreamiest campaign,” Molly wrote.

In another photo, Molly sits seductively against the white background. This time, she paired her bodysuit with a white knitted shrug. She’s promoting her tanning product Filter by Molly-Mae’s new Christmas collection. The Love Island UK star chose that bodysuit to show off her dark tan.

The sexy photo came with an emotional message

Molly Mae opened up about her struggles with endometriosis. The Love Island UK star shared the inspiring message with her fans among the sexy snapshots. She admitted she had the secret surgery last month. Molly kept the procedure to herself, which took a toll on her emotional health.

“I’ve definitely been all over the place these last couple of weeks. I didn’t tell anybody, but I had my endometriosis surgery,” the Love Island UK star wrote. “This is just a lot because [the] last video I started saying I had this surgery and now I’m saying I’ve had a different surgery. But the operation was way, way harder to go through than I thought and my recovery time was quite a bit longer than I had planned and I was just a bit of a mess after that surgery.”

[Credit: Molly Mae/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Molly Mae/Instagram Stories]
Previously, Molly had surgery to remove a lump from her left breast and finger. She first opened up about her struggles with endometriosis in July. Molly recalled that the pain was so excruciating that it felt like “labor” and she “can’t stand up” when she has her period. Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it, such as in the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Molly launched her line of tanning products in December 2019 after appearing on Love Island UK. Since then, she inspires her Instagram followers and has become “the ultimate real-life filter.”

What are your thoughts on Molly’s photos and message? Sound off below in the comments.

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