Fans Call Farrah Abraham Bad Mom In Her Latest Booty Stunt With Daughter

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Farrah Abraham twerked with her daughter, Sophia Abraham, in a new TikTok video. The two have taken over the social media app for all the wrong reasons. The former Teen Mom star has been slammed for her controversial videos before. Once again, fans are calling her a “bad mom.”

Farrah loves to booty dance on social media. And now, she’s showing her young daughter how to shake her groove thang. The 30-year-old shared a video of the two shaking their butts at the camera. Farrah and Sophia are more than just mother-and-daughter.

They’ve become close friends. Fans fear for Sophia as her mom treats her like an adult friend rather than her offspring.

Teen Mom alum twerks with 12-year-old daughter

Farrah Abraham twerks with her 12-year-old daughter in a new TikTok. In the risque video, the two shake their rumps. Farrah wears a gray tank top with a pair of light-colored leggings. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a low ponytail so all the attention is on her ample behind.

Meanwhile, Sophia Abraham wears a black and white sweatshirt. She raises up her arms as she twerks alongside her mom. The two are seen twerking inside their kitchen. Farrah was proud of the video they created. However, critics claim that it was “inappropriate” and accused Farrah Abraham of “exploiting” Sophia for social media gain.

[Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Some took to her Instagram post to slam her for the video. Others turned to Reddit for a deeper perspective on Farrah’s TikTok video. One argued that she “exploits” her preteen for “her own advertisement.” Another fan claimed that she’s a “bad mom” for her lack of parenting.

Farrah has not learned from her mistakes. She’s used her daughter for attention before. The mother-and-daughter duo loves to share fun videos on TikTok and Instagram. Yet, it’s not all in good fun.


#duet with @uziandmelo_ just streaming games on the internet like… #roblox #robloxdance #gamergirl #BetterTogetherChallenge #PlutoTVDecades #teenmom

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Farrah Abraham faces backlash for poor parenting

Farrah Abraham previously received backlash for a bizarre video she filmed with Sophia. The two showed off their Halloween costumes. The MTV alum dressed up as sexy Harry Potter. She wore a tight little black dress with a red cape. She grinds on a broom while her tween wore the Scream mask and held a knife in her hand.

Some fans found the video “bizarre.” But maybe they don’t understand Farrah’s kooky sense of humor. At one point, Farrah Abraham and Sophia did squats as her daughter continued to hold onto the knife. She captioned the video: “Guess my favorite line & kick Satin in the crotch.”

[Credit: Farrah Abraham/TikTok]
[Credit: Farrah Abraham/TikTok]
Apparently, she meant “Satan,” not “Satin.” In August 2020, fans were also concerned when Farrah brought her child to a wild yacht party in Mexico. At the time, they called the reality star “inappropriate” for inviting her kid to an adult party. Farrah enjoyed a drink and danced seductively on the luxury yacht.


@Welcome Guess my favorite line & kick Satin in the crotch 😈 #horrortok #halloween #halloweenworkout #momsoftiktok #ghost #farrah #sophia #MMKx007

♬ Pamela Pupkin’s Halloween Workout – Laura Clery

What are your thoughts on Farrah’s latest TikTok? Do you agree that it was in bad taste? Sound off below in the comments.

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