‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: What Does Amy Slaton Weigh Now?

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Season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters aired this week and fans were elated to see the progress that Amy Slaton has made on her weight loss journey. Just over two years ago, the TLC reality star underwent bariatric weight loss surgery. After a lot of hard work and more than one backslide here and there – Amy is looking better than ever. So, how much weight has Amy lost since the beginning of the show? Read on to get the details on her progress.

Amy Slaton Desperately Needed Surgery

When 1000-Lb Sisters first aired, Amy Slaton was heavier than she had ever been in her life.  The celeb weighed in at 406 pounds and told viewers that she was wearing a size 5x in women’s clothing at the time. While Amy was a lot more mobile and functional than her sister, Tammy, her weight did prevent her from being able to do a lot of things comfortably.

In order for Amy to qualify for her bariatric surgery, she was required to lose a significant amount of weight on her own. This is standard practice when it comes to weight loss procedures. It helps ensure that the patients have the willingness and willpower to make the effort it requires to continue the journey post-surgery. Fortunately, Amy was able to achieve the requirements and underwent her surgery back in 2019.  The procedure was successful, and despite some minor setbacks she continued to lose weight in the months afterward.

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Additional Obstacles

In addition to keeping up a rigorous diet and exercise plan post-surgery, several other “rules” are established to prevent post-op complications. One of those rules is refraining from pregnancy for several years after having the procedure. Bariatric surgery is an invasive procedure that does have some healing time and changes the geography of a person’s internal organs to a degree. Pregnancy can become inherently dangerous as the growing fetus would put pressure on the stomach. This could, in turn, create life-threatening complications.

Amy’s physician had warned her of the dangers associated with pregnancy after bariatric surgery. And, while she and her husband hadn’t planned to have a child down the road, a bout with severe constipation a few months later revealed that Amy had indeed become pregnant. Now, Just a few months post-op, Amy was laden with an additional obstacle in her weight loss journey. Viewers of the show watched as she navigated her pregnancy, food cravings, and inevitable weight gain, trying not to completely derail herself from her progress.

The couple’s son, Gage, was born last November. After the baby was born, Amy got back on track, working toward reaching her goal weight. Six months after her child was born, Amy weighed in at 260 lbs. She had from start dropped a massive 146 lbs, 40 of which were after having Gage. Her clothing size went from a staggering 5x to XL. As the newest season of the show opens, it is very noticeable how much different the celeb looks now, after having dropped nearly a third of her initial body weight, and fans have been cheering her on as she continues to lose.

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Will Tammy Slaton Catch Up With Her Sister

Initially, Amy started receiving treatment at the same time as her sister, Tammy – who also struggles with obesity. While Amy has already had the bariatric procedure done, Tammy, unfortunately, has not had as much success. Tammy started the show when was tipping the scales at 605 pounds. While both were facing health issues, Tammy’s situation, if left untreated was the most life-threatening. Unfortunately, Tammy seems to have had a harder time putting the doctor’s instructions to practice. Unlike her sister, Tammy has not lost the required weight needed to qualify for the procedure.  In fact, through various episodes of the show, we saw that Tammy was gaining weight instead of losing it.

At the start of their latest season, Tammy has decided to make some changes for herself. The first episode confirms the TLC star did make it to rehab for her food addiction and was able to lose 60 pounds with aid and therapy. Viewers will have to continue watching upcoming episodes to find out whether Tammy puts the work in to continue her progress after returning home.

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