Val Chmerkovskiy Reflects On His ‘DWTS’ Journey Over The Years

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Val Chmerkovskiy has been a staple of Dancing With The Stars for many years. However, the Ukrainian dancer says that Season 30 was probably his last. He might retire from the show, but that definitely doesn’t mean he will retire from dancing.

So what will Val do next if he doesn’t return for Season 31?

At the end of the day, Val Chmerkovskiy wishes DWTS well and just wants to keep dancing

Many Dancing With The Stars viewers definitely felt sad to see Val go this season. He put a lot of time and effort into his routines with his partner Olivia Jade. No one was actually sure how the 22-year-old would perform, but she quickly captured fans’ hearts. Unfortunately, the two said goodbye during Janet Jackson Night, the week before the semifinals.

He said in interviews that he really bonded with Olivia Jade and he just doesn’t see how he can do another season. But he still has a lot of moves left in him.

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“I’m going to promote dance and whether it’s at Dance With Me or a local dance studio, go and dance. That’s why I’m passionate about the show, whether the show moves on with me or without me, which I’m not saying it’s going to move on without me,” Val said during his appearance on The Bellas Podcast. “I’m saying I love the show, genuinely, but I want to see it [continue] for a long time. It’s good for dance, it’s good for my passion, it’s good for my business. It’s good for life!”

Val’s wife, Jenna Johnson, is competing with JoJo Siwa this year. The two women made it into the season finale, so Val will still be around to cheer on the pair.

So what exactly does DWTS mean to the Ukrainian dancer?

When it came to describing what Dancing With The Stars meant to Val, he definitely didn’t hold back. This is what he told Nikkie and Brie when he appeared on their podcast:

“It’s a place that gave Olivia Jade a chance to flip the narrative. It’s a place that’s a lot of fun and does a lot of magical things very randomly, completely out of the blue. I don’t think anyone ever imagined that a show about celebrities partnering up with mostly Russian and Mormon ballroom dancers would be a huge hit but it is,” Val continued on the podcast.

Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

“For some reason, maybe two people coming together and moving as one, it’s something that’s powerful beyond the dance floor and that’s really what I want to champion. So that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m going to do in many different ways — whether it’s writing a script about it, whether it’s going and teaching at our studios, whether it’s going on convention [tours] and teaching kids around the country, I’m just going to continue to preach the gospel of dance.”

Are you sad to see Val Chmerkovskiy leave? Will you continue watching DWTS anyway? Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments!

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