‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint At MAJOR Trouble For Jason Morgan

Credit: General Hospital YouTube

General Hospital spoilers hint that the next few episodes will be crazy ones that viewers will not want to miss. Rumors have been swirling for a while that Steve Burton, who portrays Jason Morgan, might depart the show. Now, it appears answers are coming soon, and that the rumors about Burton’s departure were true.

Chaos On Cassadine Island

Jason, Dr. Britt Westbourne, Peter August, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, and Drew Cain have been caught up in some intense back-and-forth battles on Cassadine Island. Jason and Britt went there to find Obrecht, and things quickly got complicated. Now Peter is wreaking havoc, and General Hospital spoilers hint Jason may become the next casualty of Peter’s antics.

Credit: General Hospital YouTube
Credit: General Hospital YouTube

SheKnows Soaps teased they spoke with Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, the co-head writers for General Hospital, about the departure rumors. Naturally, they would not confirm or deny Burton’s exit. However, the pair noted that what goes down on Cassadine Island this week will impact people in Port Charles for months. Apparently, the two also suggested the next few episodes during the week of November 17 would be key to where this is all headed.

General Hospital Spoilers Tease ‘A Bang’

A new General Hospital sneak peek shared on Twitter provides a few additional hints regarding this storyline. The caption notes Jason and Britt will work together on an escape plan. In addition, the video clip shows Britt telling her mother they need to kill Peter if an opportunity emerges.

The General Hospital preview reveals an intense fight will start involving Jason and Peter. Unfortunately, Peter seems to have the upper hand, at least at one point, and Britt screams Jason’s name in a panic. The promo promises the week will end with a bang, and it seems there is a gunshot involved somewhere at some point.

Timing Is Seemingly Everything

The buzz is that Ingo Rademacher’s last episode playing Jasper “Jax” Jacks airs on November 22. His departure, as well as Burton’s, is said to be connected to the COVID-19 mandate in effect for everyone on General Hospital. Given that, it seems likely Burton’s exit, if it’s happening, comes around the same time as Rademacher’s.

Is Jason shot or otherwise harmed during this battle with Peter on Cassadine Island? Will he go missing and presumed dead, a ploy frequently used by General Hospital writers? There has been speculation that the role will be recast, perhaps by former One Life to Live star Trevor St. John. It could be that Jason will go missing for a brief period of time and then pop up with someone else in the role.

Regardless of what the writers have in mind, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason’s fate, as well as Steve Burton’s with the show, should be revealed soon.

Stacy Carey


  1. I’m tired of Jason being presumed dead. I love having Jason oh GH. Give him and Drew a chance to be brothers. Don’t take him off the show.

  2. Why does Jason have to leave? I like a storyline that would make him and Britt a couple . It would drive Carly crazy for her to find out that he has another person that is just as or more important to him. It could be better than what him and Sam had . I really hope he stays one of the reasons I continue to watch to see what happens with him and Britt ! Happy ending I know that it doesn’t happen much

  3. If they kill Jason off the show they will lose ALOT of fans! He is great and would love to see him and Britt get a chance at happiness and also have a relationship with Drew! Kill Peter off if someone has to go!

  4. Please do not kill Jason Morgan off and please do not replace him. No one can play this role but him!!!!! We love him…the show will never be the same without him. Please kill Peter!

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