‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin & Evan Stewart Share Exciting Update On Baby #2

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As we’ve reported, Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Evan Stewart are expecting their second baby together. The couple shared their big news a few months ago, and they are looking forward to the baby’s arrival in the spring. Baby number two will join big sister, Layla, who will turn two in January. Since they announced the pregnancy, they have posted a couple of updates.

Unfortunately, Carlin’s pregnancy is high-risk due to a few disorders that she has. However, she is receiving the appropriate care and being monitored. Now, Carlin and Evan have an exciting update about her pregnancy. Read on to get all of the details.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

Carlin and Evan Stewart Go to an Important Doctor’s Appointment

In a new Instagram Reel on Tuesday, Carlin revealed that she and Evan went to an appointment to find out the baby’s gender. The couple went back and forth about whether they wanted to find out the baby’s gender before birth. Ultimately, they decided they would like to know ahead of time.

However, they don’t get to find out themselves until Saturday during their gender reveal. In the caption of her new post, Carlin writes, “The appointment for finding out Baby Stewart’s gender is in the books… or should I say in the envelope! 💌 Hope we have the discipline to not open it before Saturdays gender reveal party! 🥳”

The video documents Carlin and Evan’s trip to the doctor’s office. The couple is obviously very excited. At the end of the video, Carlin shows off the envelope, which has the baby’s gender written inside.

Carlin Bates Instagram

In the comments section of her post, Carlin reveals that she’s handing off the envelope to her sister, Katie Bates, and sister-in-law, Whitney. It looks like they will be responsible for pulling off the gender reveal.

About the video, Whitney wrote, “Ok this literally brought tears to my eyes!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!🤩👶🏼🥳”

Bringing Up Bates Fans Share Excitement About Upcoming Gender Reveal

Naturally, Bates family fans are looking forward to the upcoming gender reveal. In the comments section of her post, they are guessing whether Carlin and Evan are having a boy or a girl. Many of them seem to think it’s a girl. A handful of fans think it’s a boy, however.

One fan sweetly writes, “I think it’s gonna be another girl BUT I’m hoping Evan gets his Boy!!💙 either way I’m praying for a healthy baby for y’all!!😌

So, do you think Carlin and Evan Stewart’s second baby is a boy or a girl? Are you excited about the gender reveal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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You can watch Carlin’s Reel here.

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