‘Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix Triggered By Cheek Filler Comments?

[Credit: Ariana Madix/Instagram]

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix didn’t appreciate the comments about her appearance. Fans think she’s been looking a little different lately. Over the summer, some mistook her for her co-star Lala Kent. She’s been accused of getting a new face.

The rumors started on Reddit. On Sunday, November 14, Pump Rules fans speculated whether Ariana had any work done. Some think she looks shockingly different this season. Others claimed that they didn’t recognize her latest Instagram posts. They feel that her face has subtly changed over the past few seasons.

Vanderpump Rules star spark plastic surgery rumors

The Reddit thread started with one Vanderpump Rules fan speculating about Ariana Madix’s face. They watched Season 8 when they noticed how much Ariana Madix and her co-stars have changed. Of course, most of their looks have changed over the years. Aging is one contributing factor.

A second possibility is going under the knife. Lala Kent has not held back about her cosmetic procedures. Neither has Scheana Shay or their former co-star Stassi Schroeder. Even Jax Taylor had three nose jobs during his time on the show.

“I’m on Season 8 and I think they showed a flashback at one point and I’m shocked how much her (and everyone else’s) face has changed!!!” the Vanderpump Rules fan wrote. “Her change has been subtle so it didn’t jump out at me right away. I can’t tell what exactly she had done…she looks great and still looks like ‘herself’ but I can’t tell exactly what she did.”

[Credit: Ariana Madix/Instagram]
[Credit: Ariana Madix/Instagram]
That’s when Pump Rules fans jumped in on the thread and speculated over Ariana’s appearance. One claimed that she had “cheek fillers” done. The Fancy AF Cocktail author often promotes body positivity. When she caught wind of the Reddit thread this weekend, she knew she had to fight back against the plastic surgery rumors.

Ariana Madix finds plastic surgery comments “triggering”

Ariana Madix directly responded to the thread on Reddit. She revealed that the “cheek comments are triggering.” The former SUR-ver denied having any work done on her face. Ariana claims to be a natural beauty.

“Hi! it’s me. I have never put any filler anywhere other than my lips,” Ariana Madix explained. “cheek comments are very triggering to me. I will always tell anyone what I’ve done! I had a procedure called Ellevate for my neck and I love it. I’ve gotten Botox here and there in the crow’s feet area but it feels really constricting to my expressions so I don’t like it to do it more than just right there once a year or so. [sic]”

[Credit: Ariana Madix/Instagram]
[Credit: Ariana Madix/Instagram]
The Bravo star explained that she only got a “touch to fill in my wrinkles” since she can’t avoid the sun and doesn’t drink enough water. Aside from Botox and lip filler, Ariana feels that her weight gain has contributed to her appearance. She sent love and positivity to the”Reddit community.” This comes after Ariana revealed that she wants a “skinny face,” per Bravo TV.

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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