The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season Premiere- Nov. 16

The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Credit: Melissa Gorga IG

Imagine a handful of your favorite and most controversial housewives all vacationing together in Turks and Caicos. It’s all fun and games until personalities clash and drama ensues. That is exactly what The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip is all about. Starring Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Kyle Richards, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Melissa Gorga, and Teresa Giudice. This is one of the most eclectic and interesting mixes so pack your bags. It’s time for a girls’ trip.

“This Is Housewives On Crack”-The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip

Teresa is already throwing shade by saying they are not all OG’s especially her sister-in-law Melissa. That’s to be expected. Now onto each city where the ladies are packing and gathering alliances. Kyle’s husband arranged the villa so he feels she can hold that over their heads if things get out of control. Some know each other better than others but the one person they want to really know is Michael, the concierge. They are already trying to claim rooms from him via FaceTime, especially Ramona.

Credit: Bravo
Credit: Bravo

It is finally time for everyone to head to the airport for their eight-day adventure and the gossip is ensuing. Melissa tells Teresa that Kyle called. She told her that Ramona called Teresa ‘the scarecrow,’ meaning she has no brain. Teresa does not get it at first but why Kyle? The seven housewives gather to board a private plane to start this journey. Ramona is bragging that RHONY allowed these other women to flourish since it premiered first.

She also adds the show became “cool water” talk, translated to water cooler chat. Teresa wants Ramona to call her when she invents a move as iconic as the table flip. Kyle does a hair flip over RHOBH having the highest ratings.  Now, they will raise a toast to Kenya for leaving her baby at home for the first time, honored by Cynthia. Yet, Cynthia has a big request.

Can They Get Along?

Since Kenya is going through a divorce, Cynthia makes a proposal. She thinks Kenya should get the master suite in the villa. Obviously, it is great for the ladies to see two women so closely bonded together and Cynthia even says she will give up her room. Seems they all claimed the master. In atypical Ramona fashion, she agrees to take the next best room.

Ramona starts giving tips for places she wants to take the ladies so cue the flashback to the Season 7 RHONY trip to Turks. The women remember how she “conch blocked” her fellow housewives and she says “I was getting divorced, b—h!” Kenya lets her know she will not talk to her like that but agrees to let it go. They all land and it is pointed out that Ramona has referred to Kenya as “Porsha” a few times.

At the Triton Villa, the women are enamored by Michael. Melissa is actually frightened for him. Ramona still maintains she deserves the best room since she is the eldest of the bunch. She claims her fans agree. The ladies are shocked she just chose a room without checking with everyone else and then she calls Kenya “Porsha” again. Kyle wants to acquiesce to Ramona. Kyle and Melissa end up rooming together while they continue to play the room game.

The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip – Battle Of The Alpha Dogs

Teresa and Cynthia are chatting at the table, realizing how long they have been on their shows. So, when Ramona tries to compete, they have leverage. Teresa decides to see who has more Instagram followers – her or Ramona. Ramona has 869K while Tre has 2.2M. Teresa is questioning if maybe Ramona has dementia with her ill behavior when she should be acting more mature.

Credit: Teresa Giudice IG
Credit: Teresa Giudice IG

Ramona is also taking credit for giving Kenya the better room while the women are judging her for showing off her behind. They have seen way too much Ramona for the day as they caught her naked in her shower earlier. While Lu and Ramona are swimming, the other ladies are eating and planning their night. Ramona makes sure to call John, the Conch Shack owner. They haven’t seen each other in years so she is ready to make an entrance.

Melissa runs to Kyle’s room and lets her know everything that’s happened has since been posted on Twitter, verbatim. Kyle checks to see who might know the leak and it turns out to be Kenya. At the bar, Kyle brings up the stories on Twitter, which Kenya denies it all.

Who Spilled It?

As Kenya is denying it, Ramona also claims she hates the press. It is a well-known fact she always gets the best room so if that is written, it is no surprise. They ask her what she does on vacations with her other friends. She claims she always gets the best rooms because she is Ramona, a blessed girl. Ramona apologizes for her bad behavior and reminds them she is the apologizer.

Kenya lets her know she has been behaving like an a-hole. Cynthia is trying to be the peacemaker but Kenya thinks she is wasting her time. Cynthia and Ramona have always gotten along and that’s the person Cynthia wants everyone to see.

Ramona goes back and apologizes until Teresa brings up the scarecrow comment. Ramona did not know her until they were on the plane and that changed her television perception. She wants a restart since they had preconceived notions about one another.

Back at the villa, some are showering and others are doing confessionals. Kyle and Ramona go deep about Kyle having body issues. It stemmed from her acting as a child yet Ramona points out she is curvy and has a great body. This is the side of Ramona Kyle was hoping to see. Fast forward to five days and John is giving a toast saying they all seem to like each other. An incident on the yacht gets brought up so it appears not everything is at it seems. Ramona apparently tried to blackmail Luann and that’s where the first episode ends.

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