Josh & Anna Duggar’s Baby’s Birth LEAKED By Jessa Seewald? See Video

Josh and Anna Duggar Instagram (baby), Jessa Seewald YouTube

Could Josh and Anna Duggar’s baby news have been leaked by his sister, Jessa Seewald? A new video seems to show that the details could have come out earlier than expected. Read on to find out what might have happened and what Jessa has to do with it.

Jessa Seewald Often Leaks Family News

In the past, Jessa has accidentally leaked some of her family’s big announcements. So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if she did it again this time.

Previously, Jessa posted a video of Henry’s birthday party at her parents’ home. In the comments section of the video, fans were saying that it looked like Anna was expecting. Before long, Jessa unlisted the video, making it difficult to find on YouTube.

Then, at a family fall gathering, Jessa hinted that Jedidiah Duggar was courting. In the video, Jedidiah is painting a pumpkin, she asked, “Are you going to pаint one for your dаrling?” Jedidiah responded, “Yeаh. Wаit, how did you know?” Sure enough, he was in a courtship and announced his wedding months later.

It’s unclear if Jessa attempts to leak these kinds of things. It’s possible she doesn’t pay too much attention while editing her videos and doesn’t realize what she’s doing.

Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

Is Josh & Anna Duggar’s Baby In New Video?

In Jessa’s latest video, the family is celebrating Spurgeon’s sixth birthday at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s home. Throughout the video, a few members of the family make an appearance, but it seems to be a pretty low-key party.

After the family enjoys some cake, Spurgeon heads to the living room to open his gifts. In the background, a newborn baby can be heard crying. Now, there are lots of small children in the Duggar family, so there might always be an upset little one in the background. However, this cry sounds very young.

Jessa and her husband Ben have a three-month-old daughter, but it sounds like the cry is from a brand new baby. So, on Reddit, Duggar Snarks assume it’s Josh and Anna’s baby girl.

One user writes, “Anyone else hear the baby cry 20 seconds from the end? Sounds like a very young one to me.” Another adds, “It definitely sounded like a newborn cry to me.”

Shortly after Jessa uploaded the video, Anna posted the baby’s birth announcement on Instagram. So, Anna made the announcement so no one would find out from Jessa’s video first.

Anna Duggar Instagram

So, are you surprised to learn that Jessa Seewald might have leaked Josh and Anna Duggar’s baby news? Do you think this is why Anna chose to make the announcement today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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You can watch Jessa’s full video here. The crying baby can be heard around the 12:30 mark.

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