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‘Counting On’ Fans Suspect Jinger Vuolo Is Struggling With Her Faith

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Counting On fans know that Jinger Vuolo (formerly Duggar) was raised in a strict, conservative household. Her family is very religious and has taught their kids the same beliefs.

As the Duggar kids have gotten older, however, some of them have begun to think for themselves and change their ways. For example, several of the adult women have begun wearing less modest clothing than they were required to wear when they were growing up. Most of the adult children are following closely in their parents’ footsteps, though.

Jinger, in particular, has begun to abandon some of her parents’ strict rules and decide to live her life differently. Fans have applauded her for this, but now, she’s taken it even further. Now, fans are concerned that Jinger will completely leave the religion. What has Jinger done now that has fans so worked up?

Jinger Vuolo Instagram (Jeremy)
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Counting On Fans Express Concern For Jinger Vuolo

As we reported, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy, shared a post about fortune cookies on their business Instagram page, @HopeWeHold. While they might have thought this would be a harmless conversation, it sparked some concerns in the comments section. Rather than focusing on which order you should read the fortune and eat the cookie, fans are freaking out about Jinger’s beliefs. They’re afraid that this is a sign she no longer has her faith.

Some fans think that the couple has “gone off the deep end” by celebrating Halloween and eating fortune cookies. As we previously noted, Jinger and Jeremy celebrated Halloween with their two young daughters, Felicity and Evangeline. This was a big no-no in the Duggar household. Now, fans are upset that the couple is putting their faith in something other than their religion.

Plenty of fans are arguing that fortune cookies are just for fun and that nobody actually believes their fortunes.

@HopeWeHold Instagram
@HopeWeHold Instagram

From their social media activity, it doesn’t look like Jinger is completely losing her faith. She may have different beliefs from the rest of her family, but she still seems to be religious. Plus, Jeremy is currently in school to become a pastor.

So, do you think this could be a sign that Jinger Vuolo is struggling with her faith? Or do you think she’s simply having fun with fortune cookies and that it’s harmless? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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