Jax Taylor Claps Back For Comparison To Tom Sandoval, Opens Up About Mustache

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Jax Taylor has moved on from Vanderpump Rules, but don’t compare him to his ex-best friend. Fans ignited Jax’s famous clap-back button when they compared him to Tom Sandoval after he posted a picture. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, his wife, are no longer in the reality show scene. They’ve been enjoying raising their son Cruz and staying out of the limelight.

As Tv Shows Ace reported, Jax and Brittany announced they were leaving in December of 2020. Many thought it was because they had fallen out with their co-stars. Particularly they had a nasty fall-out with Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval.

Jax posted a picture on his Instagram sporting a mustache, sitting in front of an advertisement for Taylor Swift’s “Red” album. Fans commented on the post of Taylor in a wooden chair saying, “Did she pay you to do this,” speaking about the album.

Another fan said, “What are you up to now Jax. I have to [say] that Pump Rules isn’t the same, you gave them a storyline every season.” However, it was a comment one fan posted that really got under his skin about the mustache.

What Did Fans Say That Made Jax Taylor Mad?

Jax Taylor took offense to one comment which compared to Tom Sandoval. One fan said, “Sandoval’s Stache lol.” Jax immediately said, “except I had this first. Please don’t compare me to that.” According to Heavy, Jax also replied when someone wished he was still on the show. The comment said, “You were the show. The Toms can’t pull it off. It was your shenanigans that made it watchable.”

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Jax posted a comment back saying, “Yeah I had enough.” There was speculation amongst fans that Brittany and Jax were quietly fired instead of leaving on their own. No one has confirmed or denied that part.

Why Did The Best Friends Fall Out?

Jax Taylor said there were a lot of things leading up to his wedding that he and Tom fought about.  The main falling out happened when Jax Taylor was going to get married. He felt like Tom’s attitude towards being his best man was the end of their friendship. He said that he “just wanted something simple and Tom was pushing to go bigger.” Then he said there were events he needed Tom for that he couldn’t get in touch with him about. Jax said they butted heads and he needed a break from him after the wedding.

Jax Taylor, Instagram

A lot of the estrangement seems to be the fact that the two are in different stages of their lives. Jax just had a baby and Sandoval isn’t at that stage yet. Jax said, according to Heavy, he’s really only in touch with the other Vanderpump stars that have babies.  This includes his ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent.  Jax said, “We all have a lot in common. We’re all raising our children together. All our kids are months apart. That’s my main concern, my main priority right now.”

Jax said the reason he has a full mustache right now is because of No-Shave November. It’s something that’s done to raise awareness for cancer. Jax’s father Ronald Cauchi passed away from cancer in 2017.

Do you think Jax overreacted by getting upset being compared to Tom? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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