Mykelti Padron’s Husband Gone, Mom Christine Brown Saves The Day

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Now that Christine Brown is a free woman, she has more time to enjoy the finer things in life. This includes spontaneous girl’s nights with her daughters. She has always been a very hands-on mother but a lifestyle change, including moving to Utah, has allowed her to indulge in a more free-spirited nature. It is also allowing her more time with her second eldest daughter, Mykelti who lives nearby. With Tony away, Christine soaked up Saturday night in the best possible way.

Christine Brown Breaks Free

She may have been the third wife but Christine is finally putting herself first. The former wife of Kody Brown started to see how much she sacrificed when the family moved to Flagstaff. They all decided to get homes while waiting to build on their Coyote Pass property. Along with fourth wife Robyn, Christine purchased her own home. Yet, the women became even more distant than they had while living in Las Vegas.

Christine Brown - Instagram

Kody had wanted the family to go back to their one-home way of living. This was how viewers first got to know the Browns when Sister Wives debuted in 2010. Christine shared a home with fellow Sister Wives Meri and Janelle yet they all had their own space. Kody would split his time between each wife on a rotation until Robyn came into the picture. Soon, he was traveling to spend time with her until they wed and she moved to a home nearby.

In Las Vegas, they all lived in a cul-de-sac which made the women appreciate their freedom. However, in Flagstaff, they were so far apart. It came to light that Christine never liked the one home idea because she had been the “basement wife” in Utah. She refused to ever go back to living that way. By the time COVID hit, there was a clear divide and Kody was spending a lot of time with Robyn. Relationships were falling apart and it came as quite a shock when Christine announced she and Kody were splitting up.

Christine and Mykelti Take On Utah

It has been no secret Christine Brown wanted to move back to Utah. She tried to convince Kody and her Sister Wives to make the move back there at the end of last season. Now, she is back and living her best life. Plus, her daughters are there and Mykelti is a mom to Avalon so that sweetens the pot.

Christine Brown Credit: Mykelti Padron IG
Credit: Mykelti Padron IG

This particular weekend, Mykelti’s husband, Tony is busy with a chess tournament. Therefore, Christine has come to the rescue to make it a fun night out. Along with little sister Truely and baby girl Avalon, Mykelti gushed about the perfect yet simple night out with her mom. They walked to dinner then went shopping. She seems truly grateful to have her mom back in such close proximity to her for fun nights out.

Watch how the Brown family continues to unfold when Sister Wives returns on November 21.



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